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Can I Add Windows To My Garage Door? Pros & Cons are Here

Can I Add Windows To My Garage Door? Pros & Cons are Here

A window can add an elegant touch to your residential garage door. Having a door with a window, you will have multiple pros and cons.

Without wasting time, let’s discuss them one by one

Enjoy Natural Day Lights:

Would it be good not to switch on a light when you needed to find something in a garage? Even much better, you do not need to open your garage door just to allow daylight into it. Single or multiple windows can do it with ease. This will help you save bucks on repairing as you don’t need to raise the garage door and so, less wear and tear. And the most important, you get free daylight in your garage when you like to work. The daylight improves your visibility and of course, saves you money on the energy bill. It can also feel you warmth during winter by allowing the sun rays through.

Amazing Aesthetics:

When your garage door has windows, your garage is not just a place to park your vehicle; it becomes an integral part of your home. If you have installed a window that matches your home’s exterior; a garage enhances your home curb appeal and R-value too. A window can grab the attention of potential buyers and make your neighbors jealous, sometimes.

These above 2 benefits are enough to install a window to your garage door. As every coin has two sides, this has too. Let’s know about the cons.

Cost is Little Bit More:

Yes, it’s true. A door with windows cost you bit more than a door without a window. The extra cost includes the craftsmanship and workmanship to insert glass into it. However, this cost is not much higher that you can’t afford. If you are running on a tight budget; you should avoid it.

Security Threat:

The biggest reason for not installing window(s) to a garage door is a security threat. Just think about, if an intruder breaks the glass & but would he get access through a small window? A number of possibilities, depending on your door’s locking mechanism and intruder’s skill of stealing items. One more thing, glass is a breakable means anyone can break it using a baseball bat. If you are not worried about such breakage; you will have no issue to install it.

What’s your Decision?

This might confuse you as a door with a window has its own pros and cons. If you are living a hurricane-prone area; install a window can never be a great choice, no matter what level of aesthetic value, it gives to your home. If you are living in a place where the environment is stable; you can go for it.

Hope; you have taken a decision for the same. Let us know if you are willing to add a window to your garage door; our garage door installation expert can help you for the same. Need further assistance for the same; give us a call today at (970) 682-3353; we would love to help you.

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