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What is Aluminum capping on garage door? What Are the Benefits of Installing it?

What is Aluminum capping on garage door? What Are the Benefits of Installing it?

Maintenance is not an exciting job for any homeowner. When one work is caught p and another comes to the plate that again takes time and money to fix it. Exterior maintenance costs can be constant and garage door exterior maintenance can increase the overall cost. To reduce it, Aluminum capping can be the right solution. Yes, With Aluminum capping, you can cut down the maintenance cost and for the homeowner, it is kind of one maintenance job that is done already.

Before moving forward, let’s understand what is “Aluminum Capping”?

A word clapping (cladding) is a kind of process to add a new thin layer of aluminum to the garage door or window trim. The clapping should be done with the help of professionals because it requires precision and accuracy while covering the trim of the door or window. A certified garage door expert can install it perfectly. If it doesn’t work as it should be, your home exterior look will be off-center and may reduce the R-value of your home.

You might have a question in your mind “how does Aluminum clapping can benefit you and also increase the lifespan and look of the door?”

This is a nice question and you will be surprised after reading about the benefits of installing the Aluminum capping.


“Thank god!” This would be your reaction when you read the “Maintenance-Free”. We all should say thanks to god as few things in the world are still maintenance-free. The Aluminum cap covers the wood trim and stops water to get in and that’s why you don’t need to bear a maintenance cost. Once the capping is done, you don’t need to paint the door trim which means your painting charges will be reduced.

Bring Shine to Your Garage Door and so Home

To get a shining look at your garage door, Aluminum capping is the right answer for it. When the trim of your door and windows of your home are capped, they increase the aesthetic value of your home and also increase the R-value. Well, neighbors might jealous of your home, but that’s fine. As the garage door is one of the giant parts of your home exterior, clapping will increase the overall shine and put a good impression on whoever comes into your home.

So, leaving the garage door as it is without the aluminum cladding, peeling paint, damaged parts, and filthy sections, create a negative impression. So, better to call our garage door professionals to fix the garage door issues and make it look fresh and renovated.

Increase the Lifespan of a Garage Door

As you know the door is one of the costliest parts of a home. It requires money in 4 digits to replace it with the new one. The wooden garage door is costlier than the others ones. So, when your door is made of a wooden frame and when they get in contact with the climate and most importantly water. Water makes the wood weaker over time and one day wood will no longer strengthen your door and also decrease the overall look of the door. Precaution is better than cure. Aluminum capping stops the water to get into the trim of a wooden garage door. How? Actually, Cladding is a two-step process, First: combine the aluminum sheet with the wood, and second: the chemical compound that prevents the water to touch the wood. So, there will be no moisture and so no mold to consume wood.

Durable – Works Efficiently for Years:

This is the best selling point for Aluminum clapping installers and traders. Of course, it helps homeowners to keep the door in a good condition for years. Aluminum has been used for years in various industries from construction to mining and more because of its resilient & cost-efficient characteristics.

Hope the above advantageous points make you excited to get up and call the number (970) 682-3353 to inquire about installing the Aluminum cap. We would love to help you and increase the lifespan and look of your garage door.

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