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Do You Own an Automatic Garage Door Opener? Read Maintenance Tips Here

Do You Own an Automatic Garage Door Opener? Read Maintenance Tips Here

Garage Door Opener Maintenance Tips

Same as a garage door, the opener needs periodic maintenance to ensure smooth, safe & effective operation. The garage door is the largest & heaviest single piece of moving an object in a house. To ensure safety, it is important to perform frequent testing & maintenance on it. Weekly or monthly inspection of the automatic garage door opener can prevent several life-threatening injuries & property damage. A reckless operation & allowing kids to use garage door opener controls are the most dangerous situations ever for a homeowner. But, with a few maintenance tips and precautions can definitely protect you and your family from harm. Here are some precaution and tips that you should follow.

Never Allow Your Children to Operate a Door:

Yes, this is a precaution. Never, I say Never allow your kids to operate or play with a garage door opener remote. Also, teach them, do not stand or walk under the shutting door. Keep the remote controls and other transmitters out of reach of the children & tell them that don’t play with it. It’s not a toy. If your kids can easily push-button wall control then it’s a dangerous situation for you. It should be at a certain height that a kid can’t reach out there (at least 5-6 feet from the ground).

Perform Reversing Test:

To avoid serious injuries, perform reversing test after adjustments/repairs are made to door or opener. This test is easy and you can do it easily. Just put a 2X4 box on a floor under the door’s path before closing the door. Now push the button to close the door; if the door stops shutting down; it is working fine. But if door fails to stop suddenly & reverse its direction; set the door in manual mode until the system issues can be fixed.

Maintain the Batteries:

Batteries are useful when there is a power outage or electrical failure in the home. In this situation, batteries provide electricity to opener to open or close the door. But this can happen only when there is a standard functioning battery. So, add the “check the status of a battery” in your regular maintenance checklist. With the help of owner manual, you can easily check the status and also change the battery easily if its lifespan is over.

So, only maintaining a garage door isn’t enough; an opener should be maintained to ensure safety and smooth operation. If you have any issue with your garage door; let us know as soon as possible. Our team will help to fix the problem and provide you a full functioning garage door.

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