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Most Common Reasons Why Your Automatic Garage Door Won’t Open or Close?

Most Common Reasons Why Your Automatic Garage Door Won’t Open or Close?

Troubleshooting Common Automatic Garage Door Problems

A Automatic garage door is frequently used as an entrance and exit in-home and so, it is subject to wear & tear on a daily basis. Almost all homeowners take it as a granted and ignore most of the time. A single small problem in a garage door may be a primary reason for “Garage door won’t open”. When a door stops functioning well, there are plenty of reasons for the same.

If your garage door is refusing to get opened; this post is dedicated to you. Here we have listed a few common reasons that are responsible for “Automatic Garage Door won’t open”. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Misalignment of Garage Door’s Photo Eyes

The photo-eyes are special devices attached on both sides 6 inches above from the ground. They transmit a signal to another end of a door; when a signal couldn’t reach to another end; the door will stop closing automatically – for a safety purpose. Sometimes, the photo eyes sometimes get misalignment; that’s why the garage door won’t close properly. Be sure that they are neat and clean to work properly.

The Torsion Springs Are Broken

You experience a loud noise like a gunshot or firecracker when the spring of a door is broken. Remember, garage door springs are responsible for smooth garage door opening and closing. And so, it’s the most common source of a garage door doesn’t work well. When you notice a broken spring, do not try to open a door. I said do not open a door until the spring is repaired or replaced. A man can’t lift the weight of a heavy residential garage door without a spring. Let professionals do the job as it needs expertise and skills and right tools.

The track is Bent

A door functions properly when it can roll on its metal track smoothly. Check tracks for bumps, obstacles, bends or gaps. If you hear squeaks when closing or opening the door or a door get stuck in between; the possible reason is “your Automatic Garage Door track is misaligned”. Call the professionals to set the alignment and re-tighten the screws.

Remote Control is Not Working

This happens sometimes and two reasons are there: your remote battery is weak or dead. Replace the battery and check again. It still not working; it might possible that the antenna is blocked the signal or damaged. Even after doing these things, the door couldn’t respond; reprogram the remote.

So, here are listed a few common problems that you need to consider before being panic. Hope you have got the ideas what you do when your door is refusing to get opened. Follow the above tips and avoid major Automatic garage door problems in the future.

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