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Basic Garage Door Repair Services: Your Door Needs at Any Time

Basic Garage Door Repair Services: Your Door Needs at Any Time

The garage door repair is taken as granted by most of the home owners and do not take care of it before it creates a big issue for you. It requires maintenance on a regular time to increase the lifespan of it. If it isn’t maintained well then it will create problems & you need to fix it as soon as possible. For that, you need to call the professional technicians to repair it. Here we have listed some basic garage door services you need to know.

Garage Door Repair Sensor Services:

If your garage door is manufactured after 1993 then you have a good knowledge of sensors. It is attached on an either side of a garage door above 5-6 inches from the ground floor. It emits the light beam from one side to another side. They requires regular maintenance and repair if there is an issue with it. Otherwise, it may cause life threatening damages to you and your beloved ones.

Spring Work:

A broken torsion spring can slow your garage door and sometimes stop it completely. I advise you not to repair or replace the springs; it is better to call the professional to do a job for you easily.

Garage Door Opener:

This makes the difficult task very easy. Yes, opening or closing the door manually is a kind of harassment for many but pressing a button on a remote can open or close a door. This can be possible only because of an opener. What if an opener is faulty; I do not need to explain it in detail. You need to repair it otherwise be ready to open a door manually.

Cable Management:

When door cables become rusted, they can prevent the door from functioning properly and generate awful noise when you open or close a door. It requires repairing services and it can be done at a nominal charge.

Garage Door Repair Rollers:

If you door rollers have become worn out or create loud noise, some reasons may be behind this problem. Wear & tear because of daily use or tracks of a door could be clogged with dust or debris. Clean the tracks may resolve the problems but if not then it is compulsory to hire the technicians.


Yes, replacement is necessary when a part of a door isn’t able to work anymore. Before it may damage to you; replace it with the new one.

Is your garage door faulty or not working properly? Contact us (970) 682-3353 immediately; we will fix it and so, you will get a functioning door. Visit our website: Mikegaragedoorrepair.com to get more information about our services.

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