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Dock levelers for commercial use: how they work & common issues

Dock levelers for commercial use: how they work & common issues

The supply chain in goods transportation is far more complex than you could think of. There are several ways in which the commodities or goods can be carried or transported from the production house to faraway places. The shipping containers can be transported through water vehicles, via air routes, and over the land through trucks.

The movement of the goods needs to be easy and swift to save both money and time. It aligns supply with demand. And for this particular reason, a top-quality dock leveler proves to be essential.

Commercial Dock Levelers – What is it, and why is it needed?

A dock leveler is a brilliant device composed of metal plates, which can be lowered and raised as per need. The purpose of it is to make a bridge between the floor of a dock, storage facility, or a warehouse and the trucks’ back. It prevents the goods from getting damaged and forklift accidents.

Before choosing the dock lever type for your need, you need to learn about their specifications, and you will need to choose the one that aligns with your need. Going for the cheaper options means you are sacrificing quality. The dock levers withstand the hardest of works.

Types of Commercial Dock Levelers and how they work:

Some of the popular dock levelers are as follows:

Edge dock leveler:

If you are working with something having the smallest height difference, it is the best option. As the name suggests, this leveler is positioned at the dock’s end, saving both space and time. This can prove to be a premium option for some warehouses.

Hydraulic dock leveler:

It is a low on maintenance option and also one of the safest options. Just with the push of one button, the hydraulic dock leveler can be activated. The primary advantage is its reliability. Every time you operate it, one thing is sure it will have the correct position.

Manual dock leveler:

For basic solutions, a manual dock leveler is an ideal option. And a lot of companies are making use of it. It is good for the companies who do not need to load and unload goods now and then. You need to release the chain manually, and the leveler needs to be positioned manually.

Common problems with dock leveler:

The dock leveler may look like a basic machine, but to keep it working, several complexions have been tethered. Regular maintenance is necessary, and things such as seals, fuses, and hydraulic fluid need to be checked. Some of the common problems are as follows:

  • The spring tension gets weaker with time, and it slightly pops out.
  • Issues take place in the hydraulic pump or the motor.
  • With time, the levelers become inefficient to adjust.
  • Jolting and jarring while driving a forklift on a dock leveler.
  • Weather conditions, especially cold weather, affect the dock leveler performance.


There are several kinds of dock levelers available out there for making the loading and unloading process simple. Commercial Dock Levelers in Fort Collins. You need to choose an expert team to install a dock leveler. And it must be correctly executed, or else it can lead to something very deadly. Before deciding on a dock leveler, look at your requirement first.

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