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Tips to Prepare Your Commercial Overhead Doors to Withstand Winter

Tips to Prepare Your Commercial Overhead Doors to Withstand Winter

Commercial overhead doors are known to be impacted heavily by winter. As the bone-chilling season arrives, commercial doors begin to face several issues. Nonetheless, you need to ensure your business is functioning smoothly regardless of the temperature drop. When commercial doors are exposed to extreme weather conditions, there is always a probability of the occurrence of damage.

Hence, it is essential to take precautionary measures before the bitterly cold weather leaves some nasty damages to your door. Instead of delaying your plans of weatherproofing your door, you need to be proactive and take measures that will enable your commercial overhead door to tolerate the cold and survive any extreme weather conditions.

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How Cold Weather Impacts Commercial Overhead Doors?

When you are living in a place that experiences extreme cold, your commercial door may be exposed to ice, snow, and sleet, and all of these weather conditions can damage your door. Do not assume that your commercial door can handle these weather situations.

There are different materials used in manufacturing commercial doors. Also, manufacturers may use high-quality materials to make the door durable and long-lasting, but as for sustaining harsh weather conditions, it is a different matter.

Exposure to cold can lead the door’s metal to shrink. In times of snowfall, your door may absorb water, and the door sensors may be fogged by snow which may cause the door to be stuck. If you want your door to survive despite these winter season, you need to weatherproof your commercial door.


How To Weatherproof Your Overhead Commercial Doors?

If you are looking for ways to weatherproof your overhead commercial doors, here are some handy tips you can use to help your door survive the cold.

  1. Checking your door’s weatherstrip is crucial as it prevents the entrance of cold, moisture, dirt, and other unwanted resources into your facility. If your door’s weatherstrip has some damages or minor issues, you need to fix the issues that are preventing it from performing its functions, or you will have to replace it.
  2. Your overhead door can accumulate dirt during wintertime, which causes your door to become rusty. It is essential to wash and clean your door before winter arrives so that the door doesn’t facilitate the collection of debris. If there is any obstruction, your door may get stuck and be unable to function.
  3. During winter, many parts of your commercial overhead door, such as the tracks, rolls, etc., may get stuck together. The door, therefore, will not be able to open and close. Your door may even face mechanical issues if there is increased strain on the door. Use lithium grease to coat your overhead door before the cold arrives so that the door can open and close without obstruction, even during winter.
  4. Regular maintenance of your overhead door is essential. Maintaining the door at regular intervals will prevent the door from getting stuck. Therefore, schedule a visit to a professional maintenance service center to check if there are any underlying issues with your door.

Bottom Line

Winter brings a lot of warm and cozy moments, but for your commercial door, it is the season to be cautious and alert. If you don’t want your commercial overhead doors to face problems during winter, use the above-mentioned tips to ensure the smooth functioning of your door even in the cold.

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