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You Don’t Put Your Hands in to Fix these 5 Garage Door Problems

You Don’t Put Your Hands in to Fix these 5 Garage Door Problems

Is your home has a garage? Yes, then you are very well aware of the problems associated with the garage door. Many of them are solved by you only because they are easy enough to fix it and no need of any sound knowledge of door mechanism. It doesn’t mean that you can fix all the issues related to a garage door. Sometimes, your overconfidence and thinking of saving a few bucks may cause you harm and you will end up with injury or a big loss. Here we are coming up with some problems and you should away from them. It is better to call the professionals to repair or replace the door parts.

Replacing Garage Door Springs:

We all are aware that what happens when the springs break. Springs are important parts which hold the door upper side. The torque supplied by springs makes the door open & close. Generally, the lifespan of a door is around 10000 cycles or 5-7 years depending on the quality of the springs. Over time, the springs can loosen & need to be replaced before it may damage to you. When you see a crack in the springs; don’t start fixing it by just your own general tool kits. Special tools need to be used to replace the springs safely.

Replacing New Garage Door Panels with Old One:

Do you that mounting rollers to the garage door are much more daunting task than it seems? First of all, you need to disconnect the door opener. Then after damaged panels are removed & new panels inserted. Everything needs to be set back together once again. It seems easy but it’s not. Panels are different in size, material and shape; they should be set in a proper way otherwise your whole task will be ruined. And at the end, you need to call the garage door experts.

Fixing the Bent Garage Door Tracks:

Garage door runs on the tracks while a door is opening and closing. Tracks are heavy in weight and so, it can’t be handled by only one person and a single mistake can harm your hand. Anyway, still, you have handled the tracks and fixed it but how can you know that the tracks are repaired properly? Only a professional can give you surety of tracks alignment.

So, whenever you inspect a garage door and see the above problems; don’t put your hands on it to solve it. It is better to hire the garage door experts and let them do the job. Do you need an expert for your garage door? Contact us (970) 682-3353 today & solve the issues ASAP.

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