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Have You Prepared Your Garage Door For Winter

Have You Prepared Your Garage Door For Winter

Winter is approaching and hope you have made all the preparation, of course for the Christmas celebration. However, homeowners forget to winterize a home garage door. If you wish to enjoy a long-lasting garage door in a proper functioning mode, you must add to your winter to-do list. Severe winter conditions can affect your garage door negatively and the stuff stored in a garage.

Don’t you have started preparation? Don’t worry; it’s still time to prepare your garage door to stay strong against frigid weather conditions.

Check The Seals of Garage Door Bottom:

A loosely sealed garage door can be the entry point for frigid air to enter the garage and so home. To prevent such unwanted situation, take a few minutes to examine the bottom seals. The simplest and easiest way to do it is just close the door fully, turn on the light after dark and check the garage door bottom from the outside. If you see a light beam coming out from the door; there is an issue with your garage door bottom seal. Need to repair it or just replace it if needed. Call the garage door repair experts to investigate and fix the issues before the severe chilling weather settles into your garage.

Examine the Garage Door’s Movement:

The quickest way to find an issue with a door is to simply examine the door movement. You should examine the movement from both sides to get the idea of what’s wrong with a door; if any. If you found any unusual noise, uneven movement, wobbling, squeaking or anything that isn’t normal; it’s time to hire professionals.

Observe the Door Track:

Most of the time, the track is responsible for an immovable garage door. We all investigate springs, garage opener, motor and hinges but mostly forget the tracks. Debris, dust & grime can easily choke the rollers running on the tracks while opening and closing the garage door. So, you must clean the tracks before the winter comes. That you can do it easily. But if you notice a misalignment of the tracks; you will have the only option left to call the garage door technician to set the tracks on the right alignment.

Lubricate Necessary Parts of a Garage Door For Winter:

Moving parts need to be lubricated to function properly. Generally, you should lubricate your garage door moving parts once in a year and the best time is just prior to the Garage Door For Winter season. You can lubricate parts including hinges, springs, bearings, rollers and locks.

You can simply go through the manual of a garage door to know how to lubricate a door or watch a video on YouTube or simply call the garage door experts to get advice for the same.

So, this is how you can prepare your garage door to withstand against the severe chilling weather conditions. Make your door weatherproof as soon as possible so, your Christmas party will not get ruined.

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