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Why and How Garage Door Lubrication is Necessary? We Have Answers

Why and How Garage Door Lubrication is Necessary? We Have Answers

We always hear that Garage Door Lubrication is very much important but do you why? Because lubrication reduces the corrosion between two spare parts while a door is functioning. That’s the main reason to lubricate door parts. There are various things to consider before start lubricating your door.

Where to Lubricate?

First of all, you need to know where to lubricate. Perform the visual inspection of all parts of the garage door. Inspect the rollers, tracks, hinges, cables & brackets. Make sure that all are in a very well condition & functioning correctly. If you hear the noise from any of the above parts at the time closing and opening the garage door then lubricate that part.

Important Note for you: All garage parts are not needed to be lubricated. Some of them aren’t included in it. These spare parts are of garage door tension spring system & they can be lubricated, repaired and replaced by the garage door experts because it requires necessary standard tools to fix the system.

Which Lubricant is better for your door?

The lubricant can be different for different garage doors and parts. Yes, it is true. For the chain & tracks of the automatic garage door use the cotton cloth with the brake parts cleaner. That’s a good option. If you use the local lubricants on a chain and tracks then it could cause damage the garage door like it a door may slip or create a worse situation for you. For rest of the components, a lithium-based spray is widely recommended lubricant. Just spray it to roller, hinges, etc. But do not spray to wheels and tracks.

Apply the garage door lubricant:

You should have to focus on the regions which should be lubricated such as rollers, hinges, etc. In general, any of the parts of a garage door that moves should be lubricated. The track never moves so; do not use the oil that you use for the other parts as I explained you earlier. You can also reapply the lubricant to parts that need some extra help.

Basically, lubrication is a mandatory step of a garage door maintenance process. It’s one of the prior pillars to keep the door functioning for a long time. So, never forget to lubricate a garage door; if you fail to do; you will get a big loss. If you do not have enough time to lubricate then you should call us (970) 682-3353. Our team will come to your home, inspect the garage door and lubricate the necessary parts as they needed.

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