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Garage Door Maintenance Tips Shared By Mike Garage Doors

Garage Door Maintenance Tips Shared By Mike Garage Doors

In this post-pandemic era, maintenance of your house is too expensive. There are countless things in your house need regular maintenance like Windows, chimneys, sliders, doors, garage doors, and many more.

Among these things, the Garage door needs some more attention than any other things because we use it more frequently than any other things. That means you need to do pay some extra attention to your garage door.

Having more than two (1/2/3) successful decades makes us out of the race in the garage door business. Here we are going through some of the best Garage door maintenance tips shared by Mike Garage Doors. These tips not only help you to improve the functionality of your garage door but also provide extra lifespan to your garage door.

Never Forget To Apply Lubricants to All Moving Parts of a Garage Door

Lubrication reduces the friction of two moving parts. Next time when you visit your garage door, take time and inspect all the moving parts of your garage door. You will find out that it contains a large number of moving parts. Applying oil to your garage door gives you two benefits:

  • It reduces the noise of your garage door while operating.
  • It improves the functionality of your garage door.
  • As it reduces the friction means to expand the life of your garage door.

Always Check the Bolts and Screws

The second most important thing is to tighten bolts and screws. While inspecting your garage door, you will find out that at every joint you see either bolts or screws to fix your garage door. Regular use of the garage door may lighten bolts and screws of your garage doors. Along with time, you can easily find out the problem that occurred with bolts and screws and fix it by replacing or tighten it.

Change the Weather-Strip at Regular Interval

If you want to protect your home from cold or too much heat, the only thing you need to do is; just change the weather-strip of your garage door regularly. This piece of rubber is mostly attached to the bottom of the garage door. This U-shaped strip could be protecting your house from rainwater, rodents, cold, heat, and debris. Our experience in this field suggests to us that the weather-strip is one of the pivotal parts of any garage door that damage frequently. However, replacing it at regular intervals can save your home from severe damage.

Clear the Tracks

One of the most common reasons for the failure of your garage door is a jammed garage door. So, what is the main reason for the jammed garage door? Its dirt and debris! Along with time, every corner of the track filled with dirt and debris. This causes critical damage to your garage door. The thing you need to do is just clean tracks of the garage door regularly or replace it if needed.

Final Words

There are many other things you need to keep, but these are the most common and important garage door maintenance tips you need to follow to save lots of bucks on repairs.

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