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Garage Door Opener Problems: Never Leave Them As It Is

Garage Door Opener Problems: Never Leave Them As It Is

Do you know the common problems of a garage door opener can cause you too much? While you can easily solve out before it becomes a big one. A garage door opener is a combination of both mechanical and electrical components. It has numerous moving parts that need lubrication or can break at any time.

So, the main question is that what are the common problems of it and how to overcome it. Don’t worry; here we have listed the common problems that may cost you too much in terms of money and safety if you leave them as it is. Ignoring such problems means you compromise the safety of your home because a faulty opener can be a key for an intruder to access your home.

Batteries in Your Wall Switch:

Most of the people forget to change batteries of a wall switch on time. Once the batteries are dead; it is impossible to open a door with the remote control. So, this should be the first in your checklist when the garage door isn’t open. If your wall switches are wired into a house then you need to check the wire system. Replace the battery and fix the problem. It’s too simple, right?

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Power Problems:

This is applicable only when your wall switches are wired into the home electrical system; then there might be a problem related to electricity. Check the switch where the power is given to wall switches or a fuse box to see is wire connected properly or not. You should make sure that you do not have a worn or blown out switch. These all are very common problems to solve but most of the homeowners do not consider and as a result, they may have to pay a big amount.

Faulty Remote Control:

The remote control is generally made of plastic materials and so, if it falls down from a certain height or misused over years then it may be broken. Many homeowners use it multiple times a day. If the two problems listed above are not the actual problems then you should check the batteries of your remote control. Change the batteries and then try to open the door. Still the door isn’t open; means you need to buy a new remote. To sync the new remote with your garage door opener; you should take help of professionals.

These above problems are common and a homeowner can easily resolve it without any guidance. But the problem is not any of the above means motor isn’t working; sensors are not located properly or other mechanical problems at that time only professional can help. Mike Garage Door Repair Company is highly experienced in this industry can solve all your garage door related problems in short time.

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