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How to Get Safe Garage Door Repair Service During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

How to Get Safe Garage Door Repair Service During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

At Mike Garage Door Repair, we understand that each home has at least one elder member and also know that Coronavirus is highly dangerous for the aged person because they do not have immunity power like young adults have. Keeping this in mind, we have considered some strict precautions and started implementing them seriously.

How Our Technician Do Work Even in the Current Pandemic Situation?

Our team of technicians is well-instructed to be extremely sharp about repairing services and vigilant about safe distances, sanitizing the door and many more that can help customers to stay safe and get their door repaired on time. No matter what kind of garage door repair services you are looking for, our techs will come to your home, fix the bugs, sanitize the place and then leave.

However, we have created a list of steps that our team must follow while taking care of your damaged garage door.

  • Stick to the garage door and nearby place; not roaming anywhere around the garage. If it’s necessary to fix the bug staying inside the garage door, the team must maintain the safe social distance throughout the visit.
  • Wear hand-gloves, keep parts sanitized, minimize the unnecessary contact with person, surface and garage objects inside and outside the garage.
  • Disinfect each object which is being touched by the team. The objects include wall button, red cord (emergency release handle), battery, keypad, remote & anything else that might be accessed by the customers after the visit.
  • A team can receive payment over the digital media like direct bank transfer, UPI or Paypal if you would like not person to person contact. Because the cash can be a transitional object that can spread Coronavirus one person to another. Of course, your invoices will be delivered electronically.
  • Call us when you notice an issue; we identify that a bug is big or small after listening to you. If it’s a little one and you can DIY following our instructions; our team can guide you over the phone throughout the procedure until it’s fixed.

If an issue is too much complicated and not to be fixed by you, the only option left is to hire us. Well, as said above, we follow the precautionary measures strictly and leave no place infected.

We would love to hear from you regarding the additional precautions our team should take to ensure the safety & comfort of both sides. A faulty garage door is an invitation to burglars; so you should fix it even in the current Coronavirus outbreak. Hire our garage door repair specialist and get your door problems resolved on-time. We ensure that our services shouldn’t add extra stress or jeopardize your health.

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