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Garage Door Safety Sensors – Alignment and Maintenance

Garage Door Safety Sensors – Alignment and Maintenance

Do you know that garage doors are primary responsible for around 30,000 injuries every year and multiple deaths including children. The drop of the garage door is the primary reason for injuries. Obviously, around 100 lbs of pressure is quite enough to break the bones & for kids, it could become fatal.

The very first time modern garage door sensor was introduced in 1985 and since then it has become a must in every garage door. Today, they are powerful nowadays because it helps prevent injuries.

US Federal Law – Each Garage Door to Have Safety Sensors

To reduce the number of injuries and death of kids because of sudden garage door fall, door sensors are required to keep people safe in USA. The Federal Law UL 235 law has been passed that a door which is manufactured after Jan 1, 1993 must have safety systems.

Garage Door Sensor Alignment:

The garage door sensors have been getting importance because of its feature to reverse the door mechanism that saves several lives a year. According to garage door experts, it should be installed on the both sides of a door with a height of 6 inches from the ground. A sensor on the one side shoots infrared beam and another one receives it. If another sensor do not receive the infrared beam, the sensors become active and command a door to move in the opposite direction.

As you know that they are mounted above 6 inches from the ground because if the height is above 6 inches, it is unable to detect a pet or any tools beneath the infrared sensors.

What to Do If Garage Door Sensors Couldn’t Work Properly?

This is a matter to discuss. It may stop working any time, after all it is a mechanical device. Before moving ahead, let’s discuss the causes of sensors malfunction.

The very first one and common cause object interference. Yes, you heard it right. An object in between the two sensors which prevents a door to be closed. Remove the object from the path. It will start working.

Dirty Sensors:

Sensors should be cleaned to let the beam travel from one to another. If sensors are not cleaned enough, they stop working and thus, door cannot be closed properly. So, check the sensors and look for the dusts on the photo electric eyes. If there is, clean it using the soft cloth and warm soapy water.

Garage Door Sensors Maintenance:

Sensors require regular maintenance to function with full efficiency. If they are not maintained properly, sensors stop working and a garage door couldn’t get closed properly. Do you think that your door is not working properly? Company name is there to maintain your garage door including tracks, sensors, springs and more.

We do provide a full range of garage door sensors repair and maintenance services. No need to worry about your garage door safety sensors, we would love to install, align and maintain in a proper way. We believe that your family’s safety is our duty. Give us a call today at (970) 682-3353 and let our team handle the case for you.

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