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Mike Garage Door Repair is Now Offering Door Sensors Repair Services

Mike Garage Door Repair is Now Offering Door Sensors Repair Services

Mike Garage Door Repair Company is a reputable and leading name for offering quality garage door repair services no matter a problem is big or small. The company has set a benchmark in the industry providing customer satisfactory services. The prices are affordable and the quality is better than other repair companies. These two qualities bring the company a reputable one and so, becoming popular among the customers.

Now Repairing Garage Door Sensors at a Fair Rate

Mike Garage Door Repair Company has years of experience in fixing the issues of the garage door like broken springs, track and roller related, a door couldn’t open, etc. Now, we have started to repair the garage door sensors issues. The sensors are attached above the 6 inches from the ground on both sides of the wall. When sometime arrive in the way of the door when it is closing; the sensor reverses the direction of the garage door. This is modern technology and it’s mandatory for all the garage doors made after 1993.

Damaged sensors can’t work properly and so, the chances of getting damaged are high. Mike Garage Door Repair Company is nowhere to fix the sensors issues and back it in a proper functioning mode. The representative of the company said, “The team will now focus on accurate and quick sensor repair services for the residential and commercial customers.” If any of the customers need help to fix the issues related to photoelectric eyes, the company can help you. The goal of a company is to treat sensors on an urgent basis to avoid the consequences due to damaged sensors.

If you are having issues with your Garage Door Sensor, contact us for help!


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