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How Do Garage Door Safety Sensors Work In My Garage?

How Do Garage Door Safety Sensors Work In My Garage?

Imagine you have a garage door without a sensor! What would happen if you don’t have smart safety sensors that prevent you and your car from injuries? In many cases, it would become harmful for animals. Thanks to garage door sensors, that is designed to neglect any kind of accidents caused by an automatic garage door.

Majorities of sensors contain infrared beam, which is placed above the floor of the garage. These kinds of sensors required a minimum height of 6 inches above the floor level. So that it can easily detect a person’s leg, car surface, pet, small child, or many more that blocks the route of that infrared beam. Once it detects the blockage in an infrared beam, it immediately stops the door halfway up and goes in the opposite direction. It also contains one emergency lever that brings the garage door into its original position if any emergency exists.

Are Garage Door Sensors Universal?

Many house owners have confusion regarding garage door sensors especially for the universality of the garage door sensor!

All of the garage door sensor work on the same principle and give you the same result. When it comes to the company, there are numerous brands available like Chamberlain, LifeMaster, Craftsman, etc. no matter what garage door opener you have, the sensors are compatible with any kind of garage door openers.

How Can I Know If I Have Problem With My Garage Door Sensor?

Are your garage door sensors not working? Or are you confuse about whether it has a problem with your garage door sensor or anything else?

There are plenty of reasons that affect the workability of your garage door sensors like misalignments, dirty sensors, damaged components, sunlight, etc. it can easily occur while something bumps into it.

Most garage door sensor are equipped with built in functions that will help you to detect malfunction of sensors. You can also check it physically if you find out the sudden (irrelevant) stop or reverse for no reason.

Can I Repair My Garage Door Sensors?

It is depended on the reason for the malfunction. In many cases, dirt is the main reason for sensor failure. It creates a layer on the sensor eye and blocks the rays. The only thing you need to fix this problem is a clean and soft cloth.

The second vital reason for sensor failure is misalignments. It can be fixed by bending the sensor to its actual position or adjusting the screw that holds the unit.

However, if you see any internal damage or wiring problem or if you still do not find out the actual problem by inspecting, then it times to call a technician. The only reason is that you are not able to access the internal wiring or sensor.

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