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My Garage Door Springs are Broken. Why Is This Happening?

My Garage Door Springs are Broken. Why Is This Happening?

Everybody knows when the garage door springs break suddenly; it may cause serious issues to you as well as your property too. But it is one of the most important parts in the entire garage door system because it lifts up door weighing 500 to 1000 pounds. The mechanism and functioning are tricky & require proper maintenance otherwise it may cause you life-threatening consequences. But the big question is that why my garage door springs are broken? Here are the reasons.

Wear and tear is the prior reason.

As we all know that garage door springs have a lifespan of 10 thousand cycles and around 5 to 10 years depending on the materials and brands. When you open and close a garage door one time; springs have completed the one lifespan while the overall life is 10 thousands cycles. So, get an average of per day cycle and calculate how many years it will last long. So, you have an idea when to replace them otherwise springs will start malfunctioning and harm to you.

Not Proper Use of Springs in terms of placing, joint with rods.

Extension and torsion springs are mainly two types of springs which are used in a garage door mechanism to lift up it easily. Both springs have their mechanism and functioning. Lubrication technique is also different for these two springs; extension springs need more lubrication as they have more moving parts and on the other hand, torsion springs have less moving parts and require less lubrication. An improper lubrication can cause springs and they may break at an unwanted time. Choosing the right springs and installing them in a proper way is important otherwise be ready for the consequences.

Forgetting about the maintenance

Springs have a lifespan of 10 thousand cycles and definitely, they will fail after reaching this number but to increase the lifespan of them; you should maintain in a right way. Most of the people forget about this and pay a huge amount at the end while the maintenance charge is very low compared to repairing and replacing ones. The Less maintained door is a kind of live bomb; no one knows when it will blast and cost you big. You must maintain a garage door on a regular time interval and if it is not possible then you should at least check all the moving parts of the door in a season.

Summing Up:

The garage door isn’t just one-time investment like once you have installed and your task is over. You should maintain and repair if necessary. Springs are one of them which require a regular check up and maintained well. We are one of the most loved garage door repair company by our fellow customers; if you have any issue with your door or the springs; just let us know. Our team will fix it ASAP.

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