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How to troubleshoot a Slow-to-Open Garage Door

How to troubleshoot a Slow-to-Open Garage Door

Are you getting late for the office and your garage door is working slowly? Or are you fed up with the slow mechanism of your garage door? A garage door is meant for the safety and proper security of a house. This is the only reason for its heaviness. Also, it contains sensors, springs, tracks, and pulleys for operating automatically and for heavy lifting. Like all things, your garage door also needs regular maintenance to operate without any problem. However, if you feel that your garage door takes time to open or close, here we are going with some easy tricks for the slow-to-open garage door.

Here Is The List Of Things We Need Before We Start It:

  • Damp cloth
  • Penetrating oil
  • Stepladder
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Screwdriver

Numerous reasons affect the speed of your garage door but among them here we are going through two main and common reasons and how to fix it.

  1. Adjust The Speed Of The Opener

Almost all companies are set their garage door opening speed as low as possible. This becomes one of the common reasons for the slow operation of your garage door. However, you can adjust your garage door speed as per your requirement if needed.

The only thing you need to do is just finding out the opener’s access panel. Open it carefully and tilt the tabs up or down to remove it. You can see there is a screw that controls the speed of the door. Use a flat-head screw and adjust it until you get your required open speed for your garage door.

Do not adjust your garage door speed much higher because the higher the door’s speed setting directly affects the motor that push/pull the door to open or close it.

Whether you adjust it as mention above and still it’s not working, check if your garage door is unbalanced or sticking. This will not work if there is any other problem like lack of balancing. In this case, if your garage door still not working properly you should contact any professional garage door repair specialist.

  1. Lube Your Garage Door Properly

Once you adjust the speed of your garage door and it still not working then it may possible that your garage has not lubricated properly. Lubricating your garage door is an easy task. Start with a damp wipe and cleaning process. You need to take one damp cloth and wipe and clean grease and grime that stick to the rollers, hinges, and roller pins.

To Lubricate Your Garage Properly You Should Follow These Points:

  • Never forget to lubricate the joints of two hinges and the creases created by two hinges, it reduces the friction between two hinges
  • Apply lubricating oil to mount brackets, roller pins, and tracks.
  • Do never apply any kind of oil on nylon and plastic parts doors, hinges, and wheels because it may the reason for the breakdown of the materials after some time.
  • After applying to each part we discuss. Open and close your garage door 15-20 times. It will help lube to spread over each component.

All in all, adjusting the speed and lubricating your garage door is an easy thing. You don’t need any special tricks or tools for it. If you still don’t know how to do it or you want it done by any professional then we are ready to help you anytime. Also, you can call us for an inquiry on (970) 682-3353

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