Garage Door Cable Drum Replacement
Garage Door Cable Drum Replacement
Garage Door Cable Drum Replacement


Mike’s Garage Door recently completed a garage door cable drum replacement job for a client. The client had been experiencing issues with their garage door, which had become stuck and difficult to open and close. After inspecting the door, Mike’s Garage Door determined that the cable drum was the source of the problem and recommended a replacement.

The cable drum is an essential component of a garage door system, responsible for winding and unwinding the cables that lift and lower the door. Over time, the cable drum can wear out or become damaged, which can cause the door to malfunction or become unsafe to operate.

Mike’s Garage Door dispatched a team of experienced technicians to the client’s property to perform the replacement. The team arrived promptly and quickly got to work, removing the old cable drum and installing a new one in its place.

The replacement was completed smoothly and efficiently, with the team taking care to ensure that all components of the door system were properly aligned and functioning correctly. They also performed a thorough safety inspection to ensure that the door was safe to use and would not cause any harm to the client or their property.

The client was pleased with the work performed by Mike’s Garage Door and expressed their satisfaction with the professionalism and skill of the technicians. They reported that their garage door was now operating smoothly and reliably, with no further issues.

In conclusion, the recent garage door cable drum replacement job performed by Mike’s Garage Door was a success, with the client enjoying a fully functional and safe garage door once again. Mike’s Garage Door demonstrated their expertise and commitment to quality workmanship, ensuring that the client was completely satisfied with the service they received.

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