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4 Red Signs, It’s Time to Replace a Garage Door

4 Red Signs, It’s Time to Replace a Garage Door

A Garage door is not just an entry point to garage and home. It enhances the curb appeal, gives utility and increases the R-value of a home. But this can be possible only if it’s maintained properly and updated when needed. If a door is not up to the standard of your home, not operating well and also not match the design of your home. It’s a time to replace a garage door.

Here we have listed a few signs, a garage door needs to be replaced. Let’s see one by one:

Noise Level:

The gradual increment in noise level clearly says that several parts of the garage doors need to be repaired or replaced. And you can’t ignore the noises as they are much more than just loud irritating sound. A standard garage door in its functioning condition should run with minimal noise and with ease. If you notice a new sound like grating, banging, squeaking o grinding suddenly. Hey homeowners, it’s a red sign to replace your garage door before it may damage you and your property.

Bonus Tip: An unlevel track is the most common factor for increased noise. Over time, it might possible a door could fall off the track & require replacement or repair.

Safety & Security:

The most important concern when it’s a matter of dealing with heavy objects. You may have ever heard the news “a garage door sudden fell and injured the owner badly”. Yes, such news is not fake. Due to its heavyweight, it may cause severe injuries if it falls suddenly. So, safety and security standards should be maintained properly. If a door doesn’t open or close fully or an automatic reverse system is not being triggered when something comes in between the door when it is being closed.

This is a dangerous sign for your safety. You may need help from garage door maintenance services provider. Otherwise, such small issues may cause harm to your beloved ones and damage the property as well. If these issues couldn’t be resolved; do not let them as it is. Replace a garage door before it may cause life-threatening issues.

Repeated Breakdowns:

No one can deny that garage door problems are normal and they can be resolved by the experts. But what if you need to call the garage door repair experts frequently to fix the garage door? You can’t call the experts continuously to fix the door. A repeated breakdown is a sign that multiple organs of a doo are damaged and need to be fixed. Hiring an expert frequently cost you much more than replacing a new door sometimes. So, it’s better to replace the door instead of sticking with your aged troublesome door.

Old-Fashioned Design:

The antique or vintage design of a door is nice if it strongly matches the looks and design of your home exterior. However, if your door has been damaged due to weather elements & now it looks filthy or outdated instead of a classic; get your door replaced with another one which matches your home design.

Bottom Line:

Do not wait for the door falls suddenly and cause life-threatening injury to you and your loved ones. If you notice any of the above-listed signs; replace a  garage door as soon as possible. There is no option to ignore them. Call the garage door expert; let him inspect your damaged door. If he suggests you to replace the door; just do it.

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