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Know How to Replace Your Garage Door Cables with Ease

Know How to Replace Your Garage Door Cables with Ease

Do you know the importance of Cables in your garage door? It plays a vital role in the workability of your garage door. While the frequent use of garage doors makes cables wear and tear along with time. In this article, we provide you some pivotal information to replace the garage door cables. But, before we going through the topic; let’s talk about the reason behind the garage door cables break.

The Reason Behind Garage Door Cables (Tension Springs) Failure

The only aim of door cables is to transfer the load of the door to the bottom brackets. There are numerous reasons for broken cables like:

  • Corrosion due to extreme environments
  • The friction of cables against each other
  • Violent drops
  • Wrong spring configuration
  • Broken torsion spring
  • Imbalanced torsion spring tension
  • Excessive physical force

How to Fix Broken Garage Door Cables?

Here we are going to share step by step process that helps you to replace a broken garage door cable easily. Anyone can do this job after following these procedures.

Firstly, you have to inspect and check your garage door cable that you have. Identify and measure the point from where you can remove the existing cable. Also, be careful; because a single mistake in changing the procedure of cable can lead to failing the entire garage door or even make it worse than before.

While, if you are not able to measure the actual length of the garage door cable, then the only thing you need to do is contact the manufacturer and get the proper and exact details about it. This is the easiest way to know about the existing dimension of your garage door. It also helps you to go ahead with ease for replacing garage door cable.

After successfully replacing the new garage door cable the next thing you need to do some replacement job. Make sure that you have all the necessary equipment before starting this procedure. In majorities of cases, this job requires some special tools to get it done properly. And always remember the time of replacement so it will help you to predict the life of garage door cables.

I.e. as we discuss above if you find out to remove the older cable from the garage door, it needs some specific tool that is designed to get done this process very smoothly. Always remember during the replacing the new garage door cable that winding bars don’t slip and get out of the cone. However, it will never close completely, if your garage door cable binds.

All in all, these are all the factors that you should follow with specialized tools to replace your garage door cables. If you still confuse about replacing garage door cables, you can call us anytime. Our skilled technician gives you 100% work done without causing any harmful event in your home.

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