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How to Make Your Slow Opening Garage Door a Faster One?

How to Make Your Slow Opening Garage Door a Faster One?

Are you fed up with your garage door? Is your garage door takes too much time to open or close while you push the button of the garage door? Have you heard any sound while your garage door is moving? There are numerous reasons behind the timing punctuality of your garage door. In some cases, even you can solve any minor problem with your garage door. Or it may require any professional person for garage door repair.

Here we are going through some of the tips that will help you to fix any minimal problem with your garage door especially a slow opening garage door!

Find Out the Speed Dial First

First and foremost, find your speed dial if you have recently installed any garage door opener. There is a possibility to have the slowest setting to open or close a garage door. Majorities of the latest electric garage door openers are equipped with a speed dial that directly affects the opening speed of your garage door. If you have new door openers then keep in mind that all companies are often set the slowest setting they have.

Simply you can find out that speed dial and adjust it as per your requirements. Even if you don’t know about these entire things you can get guidance from the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer.

Lubricate All the Movable Parts on Garage Door System

Truth be told, but a very few car lovers worried about their garage. Professional recommended to grease all parts of your garage door in 90 days can increase the functionality of your garage door system. However, majorities of owners fail or forget about to do. Lack of lubrication in movable parts of the garage door can lead to stuff or it may be harder for them to move. And respectively it increases the time for opening and closing the garage door. Silicone spray is the best lubricate for your garage door system if your garage system has a problem regarding lubrication. You can easily wipe and clean parts like springs, tracks, rollers, hinges, etc with your hand and lubricate with spray.

Check the Tracks and Fix It

You can easily inspect the tracks of your garage door for any kind of dings, dents, or flaws. You do not need to go for garage door repair if you check and fix a track system of your slow-opening garage door. Frequent ups and downs of a garage door rolls and loosen your tracks. You can easily fix it by tightening up the screws. That’s it.

Moreover, there is a possibility of flaws in the tracks that pause the rollers and slows down the functionality of it. You can fix it with the help of any rubber mallet or you can replace track of the garage door if needed.

All in all, these are some of the common problems that cause slow down your garage door system. However, if you still can’t able to solve the problem then just call us (970) 682-3353 to schedule an appointment with us and calm down we are just steps away from you.

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