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Spring Garage Door maintenance: Why It is Important?

Spring Garage Door maintenance: Why It is Important?

Spring is approaching and we all know what it means. The chilling and blooming environment is all around. The best days of the year and so we all overlook one thing which shouldn’t be forgotten. Yes, you are guessing right, it’s spring garage door cleaning. Well, it is not exciting stuff for anyone. However, it is an annual practice that each homeowner takes part in.

We know the difference between regular cleaning & maintenance that can improve the overall appearance, lifespan of the garage door. That’s why you need to dig out the cleaning services provider and get it done.

Here below are the reasons you can’t ignore to hire a spring garage door cleaning expert from a reputed company.

Maintain the Overall Look of the Door:

A garage door expert can help you with cleaning the exterior of a door and also remove the winter film which is installed on the door’s windows. They also recommend adding special coating and sealant if there is any sign of wear & tear. This is the best time to decide whether you need to make your door painted or install a new garage door.

Remove the Dust and Debris from Tracks and Rollers:

As the garage door is made of several components, tracks and rollers are one of them. During the maintenance of the Garage door, an expert never forgets to clean the debris from the tracks and rollers. So, you shouldn’t worry about them, your cleaning expert would do it efficiently. The debris including stones, nests, rock salt & other similar ones can find their way somewhere into the tracks during the winter season. Cleaning them from tracks will prevent rollers from further damage.

Proper Lubrication to Weather-stripping:

The mechanical parts of the garage door require lubrication at a regular time, which we all know but there is one more part that requires lubrication. Of course, it is weather-stripping. The spring season is the right time to get it done along with the other preventative maintenance.

To lubricate the weather-stripping, garage door experts use the silicone-based lubricant as it is recommended by professionals. If other products are used, it may cause harm to stripping from getting dry & crack.

Keep the Sensors Protected Throughout the Year:

During the winter season, ice, debris, dirt, and snow cover the sensor lenses. If your door is not closing fully means sensors are not working is the primary reason. So, make the sensors recalibrated and keep them cleaned from debris and snow. It will ensure the door closes completely and prevent the sensors from water damage & bug infestations.

Wash the Door from Inside:

Along with the exterior of a door, the interior part of the garage door should be cleaned and washed. The washing activity will remove the dust and pests before they may cause any serious issues with the door function.

After getting the door interior cleaned, you need to look for obstacles that may cause damage to the door’s functionality. For example, heavy equipment and sports items should be stored away from the door tracks.

Hope you understand why Spring is an ideal season to hire the garage door maintenance company to fix unexpected issues, door parts replacement, and overall maintenance. Schedule appointment with us for garage door maintenance in the spring season.

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