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Summer Season is Coming: Is your Garage Door Ready for It?

Summer Season is Coming: Is your Garage Door Ready for It?

The summer season is quickly approaching and hopes that you have made all the preparation to welcome summer. But is your garage door ready for it? I think no. Because we people only take advantages of it but not care it seriously. Here are some tips that you need to follow before your garage door may be damaged and cost you much.

Clean the door:

The garage is not clean as the other area of a home. It is a place where you park a car, boxes, tools and other stuff. If your door is not cleaned enough; it will be awful for you because a dusty door can invite many problems in summer. It is recommended to use car wax to prevent dust build-up.


Don’t forget to lubricate all the moving parts like hinges, tracks, rollers) & the weather –stripping as well as the track of garage door opener. This helps to keep your door operation correctly. Do not use the oils like WD-40. Just use the lubricant oil which is used for the garage door only and please do not use too much oil. It will accumulate dust & dirt.

Broken Garage Door Springs Replacement & Repair Costs

Check the Springs:

The springs should be corrosion free. It will break any time; no matter how perfectly you have taken care of them. But keeping them oxidation free will lengthen their life. We just advise you to check the spring not to replace or repair because it is a too much risky task for homeowners to do this task DIY. Call the professionals and let them do a job for you.

Check for Wear and Tear:

First of all, inspect the cables of a door. Are they really frayed or look worn? If yes, you need to replace them as soon as possible. Replacing them DIY might be a dangerous job if you do not have enough experience of doing it.

Have you checked all the factors listed above? Have you found any issue with your garage door? Yes then don’t worry. The Mike Garage door repair service is happy to help you when you need. Contact today and get your garage ready for the summer season.

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