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Why Should You Optimize Fire Safety of Your Garage Door? Tips to Fireproof Garage Door

Why Should You Optimize Fire Safety of Your Garage Door? Tips to Fireproof Garage Door

When it is a matter of fire safety in a home, we all are likely to consider fire extinguishers, smoke detecting systems, evacuation plans in case of fire, and more related to keeping family safe if any fire accident happens. We only think about home and neglect the garage all time. You may agree with it.

Believe it or not, around 6600 houses are reported with fire accidents that start from a garage. A fire accident in a garage might cause damage of around $400+ million in property damage.

Most of the time, duplexes and single homeowners are victims of a garage fire. So, it is important to keep the garage fireproof. But the question is how can you make it fire-resistant?

Below are a few suggestions that you should keep in mind to keep the garage fire-resistant.

  • Keep the flammable elements like oil, gasoline, or any other inflammable materials from the garage.
  • Ensure that your garage’s electrical system & stay away to charge multiple appliances at a time in an outlet. Better not to use any extension boards or cords to charge the home appliances.
  • Do not keep inflammable items on the floor and near the appliances.

Now you have an idea of what precaution you need to keep the garage fire-resistant.

Tips to Keep the Garage Fire Proof:

Investigate Your Wires:

Be precautious, electrical malfunction is mostly the primary cause of garage fires. Short circuits in wires, damaged and/or open wires can ignite a spark that becomes fire later. As garages are mostly unused and unoccupied, the fire can easily spread in the garage without getting in a homeowner’s eye.

Never overload electrical circuits, ensure that all your wires are working fine and there is no cut on the wire. Keep electrical switches, boxes, and wires in a dry area. It is better to hire a professional electrician for the inspection of garage wiring. Remember, Safety First.

Put Safety in Priority:

Fire safety in a garage is not one time task like spending some time on Saturday afternoon. Make it your habit to inspect the garage electrical system and other stuff that might ignite a fire in your garage. If you find anything that can spark and turn into fire, take quick action and put those stuff away from the garage. Keep a close eye on the sparks when you do some mechanical work like welding or cutting metal. If the sparks touch any inflammable material, it will catch the fire and may be difficult for you to manage and take control over it.

Install Smoke Alarms:

We all know the term “Smoke Alarm” and many of us have installed it in homes to avoid any fire-related damage. But a few homeowners take the noble decision and install it in the garage too. In case of fire, smoke detectors start doing their work and keep the garage and stuff stored in it safe. If not installed yet, contact us today and get it installed before it’s too late. Already installed, do check it is working properly or not at the regular time.

Prefer Fireproof Garage Door:

Well, it costs a little bit higher than a regular garage door but helps you a lot in case of fire accidents. Fireproof doors can protect your home as well. You should buy a fireproof door that has around 20 proof fire rating. So, if a fire starts in a garage, the door will not let it come out and doesn’t allow to spread it to home.

Take a look at these above tips and follow them to keep your garage fireproof and spend quality time in the garage without worrying about anything. Want to invest in a fireproof garage door? Let us know, we would love to do that. Call us direct at (970) 682-3353. Sit back and relaxed! Rest of the things will be done by our experts.

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