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Troubleshoot Your Garage Door Problems Before Winter Season

Troubleshoot Your Garage Door Problems Before Winter Season

Troubleshooting a garage door is necessary and you must do before the winter season starts. When the temperature goes down, the snow piles up beside the garage door or on the driveway; you must have to deal with the trouble while opening or closing the door. That’s obvious. Just imagine, you cannot lift up the door in the middle of a blizzard. It’s horrible, right. Here we have listed a few common issues you may face in the winter season and also how to fix them.

Garage Door Will Not Open:

In the winter season, the most common problem is a door that won’t open or close fully. There are plenty of reasons behind this issue so, better to be protected before it may cause harm to other parts of a garage door.

Don’t forget to lubricate all joints & hinges with a proper lubricant. You should follow the lubrication instruction given in the manual. After lubricating make sure that all moving parts are sliding.

Even after lubricating parts, still, having problems with your garage door? It’s time to dig up further to find the issues. The frigid temperature may have affected the brackets that hold runners in place. The runner may get misaligned as a result. Sometimes, the contraction of the metal may be the reason for the garage door won’t open especially in the chilling winter season.

Still a door won’t open; then inspect all the electrical-related parts of your garage door like sensors, cables, etc. Due to cold weather, such parts of a door may get damaged. Don’t have enough knowledge about how to fix electrical issues; better to contact garage door repair experts to get it fixed.

A Noisy & Complaining Garage Door:

In the wintertime, homeowners mostly complain about a garage door won’t close the way it should be. While opening & closing, it groans & moans as it seems like being tortured by us. The most common reason for this is bad lubrication or no lubrication.

Still, your door makes noise while lifting up and shutting down; another issue may be a metal contracting in cold weather season. You can’t do anything in this case until spring comes.

These are a few common garage door issues that your garage door will face in the winter season if you haven’t made your garage door winter-proof. Troubleshoot the garage door problems, fix them and be worry-free in the winter season.

Merry Christmas! Have a safe and joyful Winter!

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