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Types of Garage Door Cables and How Cables can Create Malfunction in Door Operations

Types of Garage Door Cables and How Cables can Create Malfunction in Door Operations

A garage door is made up of several components that are necessary to open and close the door. Among the various components; the cables and springs are important to lift up and down the door in a very controlled manner. If a spring breaks, garage door cable is responsible to hold the door to avoid major consequences. But if the cable is broken; you only have an option “Just replace it” to make the door in a functioning mode again.

There are especially 3 types of garage door cables; however, they perform the same function but operate in a little different manner. Let’s have a look at the Types of Garage Door Cables:

Torsion Spring Cables:

These cables are attached to bottom corners of the garage door causes the torsion springs to wind up. When the door is lifted up, the torsion springs unwind, the energy helps to lift up the garage door. Now if the cable is broken; springs can’t get unwind so, door can’t be opened.

Extension Spring Cables:

The extension springs are attached to the cables & the bottom corners of a garage door. So, when a door is shut down; the springs are stretched. A broken extension spring cable prevents the springs from lifting up back into the place & a door from opening.

Safety Cables:

The safety cables keep a broken door spring from falling down and prevent the damages or injuries. They are completely attached to the door track near the pulleys. So, whenever a spring breaks; cables can hold the springs in the air and prevent the damages. Nothing can stop a spring when it breaks.

How to Fix Issues Regarding Garage Door Cables?

An unwounded garage door cables can cause damage to springs and so, garage door. We will need to replace the cables with new ones.

Due to worn out cables; you will not open the garage door at all. So, the very quick fix is throw out the old cables & implement the new ones. Remember, new cables can improve the overall performance of a garage door.

Frayed cables are prone to be broken and can cause various problems you can’t even imagine it. Do you know that a single door cable is made up of numerous smaller cables (wound together in a form of a rope)?

In short, cables are necessary to allow springs to open & close the door. So, if the cables are broken or not able to work efficiently; it’s better to replace with the new one. To replace the garage door cables or repair any garage door problems; we are always ready to assist you with extra care. Contact us ((970) 682-3353) or click on the link for a Free Estimate and get your garage door problem resolved as soon as possible.

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