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Broken garage door spring: Why are they dangerous?

Broken garage door spring: Why are they dangerous?

A garage door is a heavy equipment and it weighs between 100 to 400 pounds. You can easily understand how heavy a garage door is. When you lift up or down the garage door, a significant amount of force is required to move safely and without any other hassles.

The garage door springs are crucial to open and close the door. Although, they wear and tear over time and there would be a day when it will be broken. When it breaks, it will be dangerous. So, before it breaks, it should be repaired by a professional.

Before moving ahead, let’s understand how garage door springs work.

The prime purpose of springs in a door system is to slide the door up and down effortlessly. The system with quality springs functions for around a decade before they start beginning to break down.

Do you know what is the main reason for the garage door springs break? It’s fatigue. Yes, the continuous stress from getting winding & unwinding makes it weak and over time it is dangerous to use. Due to poor maintenance, corrosion can cause the springs to break down.

Here we have listed a few signs that show it’s time to replace the springs.

You should check your garage door promptly and call the technicians if you find the issue shown below.

Loud noise at the time of opening and closing the door

Unable to open the door

Excessive rust or dust in the springs

Springs seems to be broken

Springs are hung on the safety cable

What If a Garage Door Spring is Broken or Torn Out?

Generally, well-functioning springs will last around 9-10 years. The most obvious reason for this failure is constant wear and tear. Over time, it will be broken out and unable to function properly. Some older garage doors are dangerous because the springs can be broken out at any time. When it snaps, it will be shot at a higher speed and cause damage to anyone or anything that comes in its way. In short, if a person comes in its way, it may cause serious physical injuries and sometimes life-threatening.

Even at the time of replacing the springs, it might get snapped. So, better to get it replaced by garage door professionals. That’s why it’s dangerous.

Garage door Spring Safety Tips

To avoid such issues, here are some garage door tips, you should remember all the time.

When it comes to repairing or replacing the garage door springs, make sure all the work should be done by door experts only.

Keep your eyes on the cables and there is no rust, wear, corrosion, or any other issues.

Ensure there will be no squeaky springs. It should be greased easily. The squeaky springs mean it’s time to replace it. Although, lubrication can help to prevent rusting.

Keep the cables in a proper shape. It will stop expansion springs from damaging anything when it snaps. Get a cable installed with the help of professionals if your door doesn’t have cables.

If any of the springs are broken, replace them immediately. Don’t wait for the other springs to be broken.

Can I Replace the Springs Myself?

No. Don’t even think about it ever. Let it be for the professionals only. They can handle it properly because they are highly trained for the same. If the springs break at the time of replacement, it may cause major harm to you and your property. Without proper information, technique, experience, and tools; you can’t do it.

Contact us today if you find your garage door springs broken or unable to work. We would love to help you replace the garage door springs and ensure that your garage door functions properly.

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