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Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Cold Weather

Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Cold Weather

Though the garage doors are not much trouble to maintain, they deserve better care during the winters as the chilly weather leaves a significant impact on the doors. A broken garage door due to the harsh weather can cause you much headache if you don’t repair it properly.

So, it is essential to clean off the dirt from the tracks, check the hardware, and lubricate the garage door parts. Here’s how you can opt for your Garage Door Winter Maintenance for the cold weather.

Look into the Weatherstrips:

Weatherstrips are efficient to maintain your door’s longevity for a long time against extreme weather conditions. But it goes through wear and tears daily.

So, if you are facing difficulties while opening the door, then it is time to remove the weatherstrip to check if there are any cracks on your door due to the heavy usage. Also, there are all possibilities for your weatherstrip to get frozen due to extreme cold weather. So, keep checking on the condition of the weatherstrip.

Clean All the Dirt from the Door Track and Rollers:

The dirt and grime on the rollers and track of your garage door can trap a lot of moisture, leading to its freezing during the winters.

So, it’s better to get rid of all the dust and grimes of the door tracks, rollers, hinges, bushings, etc., as soon as the winter sets in. Thus, it is important to keep cleaning your garage doors regularly.

Check the Loose Hardware:

Garage doors usually face too many movements. So, the hardware can get loose due to daily usage. You need to keep checking for the loose hardware quite often and tighten it as soon as you spot any.

In case you don’t tighten them regularly, the parts can fall off, causing damage to your garage door. Whether it is a bracket, bolt, or any joining equipment, tighten them all.

Lubricate the Moving Parts:

Not only tightening the parts but also it is essential to lubricate all the moving components from time to time to retain the natural motion of the door.

Winters are enough to freeze the moving parts, and you are going to get hard times while opening the door. Lubrication thus helps your door to stay active. Also, don’t forget to wipe off the extra lubricants from the door.

Check All the Cables Properly:

Broken cables in your garage can impose deadly risks to you and your family. The harshness of the winter winds can tear apart the wires easily.

So, it is crucial to keep checking if there are any damaged cables or not. Also, you must not replace the snapped cables on your own without the help of the professionals. Places like the bottom roller, bracket, and walls are more prone to witness broken cables. Hence, keep an eye on these places regularly.


It is essential to stay updated with the maintenance of your garage door, specifically in the winter months. To avoid breaking and freezing of the garage doors, you can hire professionals and let them check on the condition of your doors.

The XYZ Company houses a highly efficient team of garage door repair experts, who offer high-quality maintenance of your garage doors and time-to-time checking to keep your door smooth and proper functioning.

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