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Main Difference Between Commercial and Residential Garage Doors

Main Difference Between Commercial and Residential Garage Doors

Are you a business owner? Have you any idea about the difference between function, size, and other major things about commercial and residential garage doors?

Is there any reason to not use your ordinary residential overhead garage door for the loading dock door? How can we easily understand the concept of two different commercial and residential garage doors? How can you choose a perfect overhead garage door that suits your business the most? In this article, we are going to explain to you the main difference between the overhead commercial garage door and the residential garage door.

A major difference between overhead garage doors

The biggest difference between any ordinary garage door and a commercial garage door is size. The term is directly related to the requirement of your business. If you need to admit semi-trucks or large semi-truck, then you at least need a fairly sizeable overhead garage door. On the other hand, compared to the residential garage door, your business needs more protection against the environment and need more safety from theft. Another major difference is the constant use of your commercial garage door rather than a residential one. This is why you need a garage door that provides you with better safety and protection.

Cost for residential and commercial garage door

There is no wonder that for your home you more rely on the appearance of your house with safety. It plays a vital role to boost the value of your property by brightening the overall appearance of your home.

While for your business you need to spend a few more bucks than the residential garage door.  But there is no denying that you get value for your money. These doors are highly durable and can easily last for a long time.  But due to the constant use of this type of garage door you need to handle it with ease.

The difference in the functionality of commercial overhead garage doors

There is a major difference between the operation of a commercial garage door and a residential one. While the majority of business owners prefer to use rollup overhead garage doors it provides the most security and minimal overhead space obstruction. Compare to any other type of garage door overhead garage door requires minimum storage during the operation. One of the major benefits is the slats with interlocking and overlapping metal provide you with the unbreakable structure to break into.

Sizes vary by your business use

the overhead commercial garage door is the best option for your if your business has to incoming larger vehicles. Due to the larger size of commercial garage doors, the parts and equipment also come bigger than residential garage doors. There is no denying that the space you require for installing an overhead commercial garage door is not standard. But you can customize it as per the requirement of your business.

All in all, there is a vast difference between the residential and commercial garage door as per the different requirements. You can call us on (970) 682-3353 for your business and get an instant solution from our expert team now.

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