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Is it possible to Repair Cracked and Damaged Garage Door?

Is it possible to Repair Cracked and Damaged Garage Door?

Is your garage door bend and disturb the elevation of your house? Is your garage door cracked badly? Are you worried about the repairing cost of your garage? If you have any of these problems then you need not waste your valuable money by calling garage door experts. You can do it by yourself if you have a little bit of knowledge about the mechanism of the garage door.

Is It Possible To Save Cracked Garage Door?

As per our experience, we found that one of the most common reasons for crack on the garage door is a car accident that bumps and create a mentionable crack on it. Almost all garage owners have to face this situation at least once in life and want to fix it or replace it with a new one because; it’s about maintaining the beauty of their home. In this article, we are going through some information that will help to make it possible.

Reasons for a Cracked Garage Door

As we discussed above car bump is the reason for the cracked garage door, but it is not the only one! Many other factors cause the cracks like:

  • Technical error 

Due to malfunction of the equipment, it is possible to move your garage door instantly that becomes a reason for cracks.

  • Change in Temperature

Temperature directly affects the strength of your garage door. Temperature variation between day and night may develop the crack in your garage door.

  • Water (moist) 

If you live in high humidity area it is common to have a crack in your garage door after few times.

  • Age of garage door

Everything has a limit; it is also true for the garage door. As your garage door gets older, there is a high possibility to develop cracks on your garage door.

  • Less of maintenance

Lack of maintenance leads garage door to cracks. It can also become a reason for other significant damage to your garage door.

Can I Repair The Damaged Garage Door?

In some cases, you can do it by yourself. You can start it by looking behind the door of your garage. You can do it simply by creating pressure on the bent area until it back into place. Once you do it you find there are numerous layers. By inspecting every layer, you can easily find out the area which is damaged.

However, if you still don’t know how to do it, or if you have any emergency, you can call Mike Garage Door. Our technical team will check the level of severity to repair your garage door.

Limitation of Material That Can’t Be Fixed

A garage door made from different kinds of materials. Among them, some are making it impossible to repair the cracked door. Like, if you install a wooden door then you can easily replace the damaged or cracked part of it. On the other side, if you have a garage door with vinyl or metal material it is almost impossible to repair it.

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