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What are Energy Efficient Garage Doors?

What are Energy Efficient Garage Doors?

Are Energy Efficient Garage Doors Worth the Investment?

Knock-knock it’s wintertime! Are your house is ready for chilled winter? Or you still worried about the costly heating system of your house? Here we are going to share with you some of the best ways that will help you to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

A garage door plays a vital role in the energy efficiency of any house. Even majorities of people use their garage door as an entry point. Constantly usage of garage door affects the energy efficiency of the house.

From protecting valuable goods to the temperature of your house, an energy-efficient door plays a crucial role to provide a plethora of benefits. It creates one additional shield between your house and freezing winter air.

What is meant by an Energy-efficient Garage Door?

A properly insulated multiple-layer garage door that has proper weather-stripped is known as an energy-efficient door. There are three kinds of garage doors available as per the layers of insulation. Single-layer, double layer, and triple-layer garage door. The efficiency of energy in a garage door is measured in the R-value of a garage door. Higher the R-value of the garage door, the better thermal efficiency of the garage door.

What is the Life of an Energy-efficient Garage Door?

It may depend on how often we use the door. Generally, it can last more than any common garage door. Insulation helps to curb dents and other damages in your garage door and provide reinforcement to your garage door.

But, frequent maintenance or self inspecting can help you to maximize the life of your garage door. You can easily inspect such things as broken, rusting parts, any kind of damage, debris, grime, and many more.

Also, inspect each and every nut, screws, and bolt. Cables, springs, and rollers are the key players in a garage door. Even you can lubricate required parts of the garage door to operate it smoothly. Hire or contact any local garage door company if you don’t want to inspect it.

How many it Cost to have Energy-efficient Garage Door?

When it comes to the cost of an efficient garage door, it is little more than an ordinary garage door. It also depends on the insulation layers of the garage door you want. Double or multi-layered garage doors are costlier than single-layered insulation doors. On the opposite side, extra layered garage doors are more durable and also provide you more thermal efficiency. All in all, it may be a little costlier for you but can help you to reduce your heating bill.

What about the Look of an Energy-efficient Garage Door? Is it as same as an Ordinary Garage Door or Looks Different?

Who doesn’t want the luxurious outer appearance of a house? Majorities of people prefer customized garage doors that can easily fit the style and look of their houses. Wood is a natural insulator and so homeowners invest in it. But you can’t rely only on a wooden garage door because wood retains moisture and durability is also a major concern.

How Do I know if an Efficient Door is Right for Me?

Are you fed up with the higher electricity bill (especially in winter) of your house? Are you trying to keep your energy cost low? An energy-efficient garage door can become a single time investment for you. Budget is another factor that helps you to choose the best material for your garage door.

If you want more information regarding energy-efficient garage door, contact our garage door experts today at (970) 682-3353 . Our garage door repair experts are always ready to help you!

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