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How to Replace the Extension Springs with Torsion Springs

How to Replace the Extension Springs with Torsion Springs

As we know that spring is a part of a garage door that can lift up the door for a longer time. So, if springs break or damage then it should be repaired on time otherwise you are compromising the security of stuff stored inside the garage. There are two types of springs used in a garage door to lift up the garage door – Torsion Springs and Extension Springs. Both have their own pros and cons depends on the types of a garage door. But homeowners prefer torsion springs because they are last longer & sturdier than the extension springs. Some others are:

  • They use very fewer parts.
  • They allow for the controlled motion.
  • They are really safer during damages.

Is your door having the extension springs and replace it with the torsion springs? Here below are the easy steps to convert extension springs to torsion springs.

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Garage Door Torsion SpringGarage Door Extension Spring

Garage Door Torsion Spring                    Garage Door Extension Spring

How to Remove Extension Springs in simple 5 steps.

  1. Open the door fully and stay it open because there is no tension remaining in springs.
  2. Then after disconnecting the opener from a garage door. To disconnect it; refer owner’s manual first for information. Each and each door has a different method to disconnect it.
  3. Remove safety cable if it is there before moving further.
  4. Then after remove the extension springs with care.
  5. Now close the door at a slow pace.

These above steps guide you how to remove the extension springs from a garage door. If you can’t understand the process after referring these above steps. You need to hire experts to remove it otherwise there may be chances that to save few bucks; you may cost a big amount. And if you have successfully removed the extension springs then it’s really a good for you and we welcome you to the world of technical geeks.

How to Install Torsion Springs in simple 4 steps.

After removing the extension springs successfully; it’s time to install the torsion springs. Let’s follow the steps and get the garage door with torsion springs installed.

  1. Before you start, you need to measure the length of a spring. This will make easier for you to install the springs.
  2. Then after, put a vise grip on a vertical track a few inches above the either side of rollers. This prevents you from harmful injuries if anything goes wrong while installing the springs.
  3. Don’t forget to unplug all the motors
  4. Wear protective eyeglasses, thick gloves & use the sturdy ladder only.

This can be performed by just one person. Isn’t it easy? But a person should be a technical nerd or have a sharp knowledge of the mechanism of springs.

These steps seem like easy when you read it but not easy in reality. If you are not experienced to do it then it’s advised that hire the experts to install it. The Mike Garage Door Repair Company is having vast experience in repairing the garage door. Hire today & get your springs removed and installed.

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