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My Garage Door Jammed. What could be the Possible Reasons?

My Garage Door Jammed. What could be the Possible Reasons?

Whether it be a simple electronic toy, switch or any mechanical equipment is designed and produced to stay strong a significant amount of time and uses, then after it will start getting damaged. We all know that a garage door is made of hundreds of mechanical pieces of equipment and a single damaged piece of equipment may cause harm to a door in a worse way that you can’t even imagine it. After a decade of usage, your garage door might start giving the signal for repairing; signals like difficult to open & close, start creating noise at the time of open and close, clunkier and finally jammed.

When you notice your garage door jammed, first of all, you have to remain calm in this situation. Your frustration might not help. Have a look at some of the most common reasons behind your door is jammed. If you are technically sound and know how-to-do, you can fix the issue by reading the below reasons. And if not, you should hire garage door repair experts to make the door in functioning mode again.

Faulty or Damaged Springs:

Springs are the most responsible parts of a garage door as they are the prime equipment that lifts up the door. To check torsion spring is faulty; just look for a slight gap between the springs and they are located at the top of a garage door. And for the extension springs, you need to check for hanging pieces of a garage door springs located at the side of it.

If you notice that springs are the reason for garage door jammed; we recommend you to hire a professional garage door expert to do the job for you. Because the risk of damage is much higher in this case, if the spring breaks, it may cause harm to the whole garage door and also the person who is fixing it.

Opener Engine Issues:

A very few homeowners notice this issue when they see the door is getting jammed. If you are using a remote to open and close the door, the issue may be with the garage door opener engine. Due to lack of lubrication to the gears, you can hear the grinding sound while the engine is running to open the door. In this case, you need to replace the main gear because a faulty gear is a primary reason for the same.

Garage Door Track Issues:

When none of the above mechanical equipment is the prime suspect, you should look for the metal track located on the side of a door. The slightest bend or curve of the track may cause a jam. Yes, it’s true. You should straighten it out yourself, at in case of a major bend, you should call the garage door repair professional to fix it.

Another reason could be rollers that might have misplaced. And when this happens, the whole door mechanism stops working properly. If that is the reason, you should have to call garage door repair experts without a doubt.


As you see above that there are plenty of possible reasons behind a jammed door. Besides this, there are plenty of other reasons for the same. You will need a professional expert to look for the mechanism at a regular interval of time to inspect and identify the faulty parts that need to be replaced or repaired.

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