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How Should I Maintain the Garage Door After Christmas?

How Should I Maintain the Garage Door After Christmas?

Winter is approaching and we hope that you all have made preparation for Christmas and repair the heater, insulated the windows as well. When you open a door which connected to home and garage and cold wind enters a home then there is no worth of a heater in a home and you are just wasting money on energy bills. Anything in a garage is getting cold which can easily damage it. The only thing in a garage which allows cold air to come inside the garage is a garage door. So, it is important to maintain the garage door during the winter season to save energy and money.

Check you’re Garage Doors, Walls and Windows are Insulated or not.

The insulation process is really important and should be performed especially in the winter season to keep the heat stable inside the garage door for a long time. If it isn’t done means you are spending too much on energy bills. Now the next question comes to your mind that what If it is already insulated last year? That’s really nice; you have insulated it last year. Now you just need to check that is your garage door fully insulated or is there any flaws in it?

How to check garage door is insulated or not?

The best answer is “touch”. Yes, by touching your garage door; you can easily identify that your garage is insulated or not. Touch the wall, door or windows of a garage and if you experience any of the parts is much cooler than any other parts then the cooler part is not insulated properly. You need to fix it as soon as possible before the winter will go otherwise there is no benefit of it.

WeatherStripping is Functioning Well or Not.

Weather seal is attached at the down edge of a garage door and forms a seal between a ground and garage door. If it is worn out or cracked then it may allow cold to come inside the garage door. If you feel too much cold (blasts) then you need to remove the old one and replace the weatherstrip to prevent the cold air. If the problem is consistent then you should opt for the expensive weatherstripping. There is one more benefit of it that there is no any issue of insects in a door.

These above tips are necessary for the homeowners who own garage door attached to the home. If you want to insulate garage door or maintain the door in winter season then call (970) 682-3353 as soon as possible. Our team will help you to fix the issues.

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