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Do You Have Habit of Keeping Garage Door Open During Night? Read the Post

Do You Have Habit of Keeping Garage Door Open During Night? Read the Post

Do you often forget to shut down the garage door at night? Is it your habit? OR at some point, you reach home in a rush, press the button of an opener, park the vehicle and run inside due to an emergency without closing the door. Have you ever gone through this? Maybe children are playing in a backyard and keep the garage door open to get the toys out. Whatever the case, leaving a garage door open during the night may invite the intruders and creatures as well.

In this post, we will cover a list of reasons that you will never leave your doors opened at night. Have a look at them one by one.

Inviting Thieves to Your Home

If you think that leaving a door open is fine during the daylight time; you need to think again. Thieves keep eyes on your homes all the time and hit well at the right time. Just think, if your garage door is left open. An intruder can get access to home very quickly and do their work. They can steal the following equipment from the garage:

  • Your Car and/or bike
  • Yard Equipment & lawn mowers
  • Snowblowers
  • Hand tools and power tools

Just imagine what if a door between home and garage is left open? Your home will be cleaned; you know what this means.

Weather Problems:

Weather is fickle means a warm day can turn stormy and dark quickly. If you leave your door open; weather fluctuations like rain, snow and sleet can make their path into the garage and then inside the home. It is hard to maintain the temperature in your home if your garage door is opened during at night.

Watch Out for Creatures:

Not only human threat may cause harm to you but creatures may cause harm to your property and family members as well. The creatures include Racoons, mice, squirrels, rats, roaches & other insects can invade your home through the garage door. Either they are in search of shelter to save from extreme cold or want to get a place to give birth; they will get into your garage and do a lot of damages. To get rid of such insects; you will need to hire pest control services provider that will charge a hefty amount.

So, these are a few reasons that remind you to keep the garage door close. Hope you have got the point why you should close the garage door. If your garage door couldn’t be closed due to some mechanical failure, Mike Garage Door is here to help you fix the door problems as soon as possible.

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