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Confused: When to Call Professional or DIY for Garage Door Problem?

Confused: When to Call Professional or DIY for Garage Door Problem?

Garage doors can be damaged at any time. It needs to be repaired as soon as possible to start functioning again. But if we call every time a professional to repair our garage door then it might be the costliest one for you. And after some years, a repairing charge may be more than the actual price of a garage door. This is not acceptable for any homeowner and even businessmen too.

Sometimes a problem is so small that even you can resolve it easily without getting any help from the professionals and also some of them are resolved by following the steps listed in the Garage door manual given by the manufacturers. So, now the biggest question is that when to call experts to repair the garage door and when DIY? Don’t worry we have listed common problems that can be resolved by you or call the professionals.

Garage Door Opener Remote Won’t Work

This is the most common problem which is ever faced by the homeowner. The functioning of a remote is similar to TV and AC. Now, just answer yourself that what you do when your TV or AC remote isn’t working? Simple, you will disengage the cell and then insert into the remote then try or replace the batteries and then try or remote is not within the range. This can be performed by you easily; no need of professionals. You need a professional when remote isn’t working even after performing the above tasks.

Your Garage Door isn’t Closing Completely

Garage doors manufactured after 1993 have the security systems called photoelectric sensors that transmit the invisible light beam between the two ends of the door. When anything comes between the path of a garage door; the beam is broken and garage door travels in reverse position. So, if your door isn’t closing completely; ensure that there is nothing that interferes the invisible beam. Sometimes, the sensors are misaligned or dusty and might be possible that garage won’t be closed.

In this situation; clean the dirt first and an object which is causing the connection break; take it away from the path. Ensure that sensors are aligned properly or not. If not then read the manual and try to align it. If it is aligned and garage door works sufficiently then you do not need to pay to garage door experts. Otherwise; you do not have another option than calling the experts.

If springs are broken then I strongly recommend you to hire the garage door experts to replace it. With little or no knowledge of its mechanism; you can’t replace it and might be possible that it may cause big damage to you and your property too. If you need any type of help at any time; call us (970) 682-3353 ASAP. Our team is ready to repair your door even at 1:00 AM.

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