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How to Install a Garage Door Safety Cable?

How to Install a Garage Door Safety Cable?

Easy Steps to Install a Safety Cable to Prevent Garage Door from Instant Fall

A Garage Door Safety Cable is one of the most powerful pieces of the door system and an integral component that is used to perform the function of lifting up and shutting down the garage door. Without a safety cable, your garage door may fall instantly in case of suddenly broken springs. These cables are similar to garage door cables but lighter in weight. Generally, safety cables are quite easy to install 7 come in a package with all the required fasteners.

You can only understand the importance of safety cables when a door falls suddenly because of the broken spring. The safety cables are designed to keep the door in a hanging position even after disengaged from the track.

As we know that Safety cables are vital for a garage door but why? This is the biggest question raised by homeowners. Don’t worry, below are the quick reasons to understand the importance of it and we are sure that you will install safety cables after knowing the value of them.

Quick Reasons to Install Safety Cables:

Do you know how much does it cost to replace the windshield of your bike? It’s around $400 and up. Why do we install it? Just to protect ourselves from extremely speedy air coming to your chest, right? Then just think about when the garage door springs break. When it happens, a door falls at a rapid speed and can penetrate wallboard with the thickness of 5/7”. Yes, it’s true. Or it injures you or your beloved ones very dreadfully. You might become an unlucky guy to be nearby when a door falls suddenly.

Protect Homeowners from Personal Injury & also Property Damage:

When a door falls at a high velocity, the safety cables are the ones that carry all the weight of a garage door and protect the property from drastic damage. The safety cables can prevent your car or truck from severe damage and also the properties stored in the garage door. In short, it could save you and your beloved one’s life.

Installation as Simple as 1..2..3…

The safety cables are attached to a door track or wall around the stationary pulleys and lace through the spring. They are connected with similar support like springs do.

Step 1: Take a safety cable and pass it through a hole in the garage door frame located on the top of the garage door where the pulley’s cable is attached. It better if you choose a hole to tie the cord which is nearer to the door opening. This will reduce the chance of binding.

Step 2: Now, just thread the safety cable up through the middle of the spring.

Step 3: Tie up the cable through the hole in the upper vertical metal frame that supports the springs. Then loop it back & make it secured itself with the cable clamp.

Test Garage Door Movement:

It is necessary to ensure the movement of the garage door after installing the safety cables. If they don’t install well, the door will be stuck and not move up and down. If the door moves efficiently, you have done it right. YEAH!

Don’t you have basic technical knowledge of the required equipment to install a garage door safety cable? Don’t worry, We are here to help you. Just drop a message at Contact form or simply dial the number (970) 682-3353.

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