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Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost 2024 – What Should I Expect?

Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost 2024 – What Should I Expect?

As we all know the importance of garage door springs but still many homeowners take them for granted and do not think about them until something goes bad when a spring breaks with a bang. Around 90% of homeowners believe that it’s a motor and an opener that carries a heavy load of a garage door but it is a completely wrong perception. It is a garage door spring that holds the garage door. Every time, a door is open or shut, springs play a major role in lifting the door. Thus, the common cause of garage door issues is broken or torn garage door springs.

A worn-out garage door spring makes the door jammed or unable to open & close the door efficiently. In that case, replacing a broken spring is the best option and of course, it’s worth it.

Please note: Let professionals replace the garage door springs.

Now, comes the cost.

How Much it Cost to Replace the Garage Door Springs

Well, the cost is between $200 to $500 and sometimes it is even more if you have a bigger garage door for your commercial space. Several factors definitely affect the charges for replacing torsion and extension springs including size, number of springs, labor costs, the location where you live, and a few more.

Along with the springs, you need to replace cables and tune up the springs as well to work efficiently. So, the charges for replacing the cables may range between $150 to $400.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost Fort Collins

Generally, a garage door consists of two springs – Torsion and Extension springs. Both have their purpose and benefits. So, the replacement cost also depends on the type of springs.

An extension spring is longer and thinner than torsion so it becomes tense when you close the door, it requires less force to open the door. Currently, extension springs are considered cheaper and cost between $170 to $250 including spring cost. So, you can easily identify how much you need to pay for labor fees.

On the other hand, Torsion springs are attached to the wall and garage door too. The stretching & twisting of spring makes a door open and shut. As they are operating under high pressure, for a homeowner, it is quite difficult to replace them. It is recommended hire professionals to replace them. So, the replacement cost is a little bit higher than the extension springs. It costs around $200 to $350 including labor fees.

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Labor Costs:

Well, the labor costs range between $140 to $320 depending on the spring types and the team you are hiring. We recommend hiring a professional team who have good experience in the field. Yes, the charges are high because of their quality of work. Sometimes hiring a cheaper team can become a bigger expense for your garage door.


In case of emergency, the cost of replacing garage door springs increases. For example, if you need to replace the springs immediately at the night, the labor cost may be double that of the regular ones.

If you need any kind of emergency garage door repair or Garage Door Spring Replacement services, make a call today at (970) 682-3353. Our team would love to take care of your garage door.

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