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Hazards of Outdated Garage Door You Must Aware of it

Hazards of Outdated Garage Door You Must Aware of it

Is Your Old Garage Door a Hazard?

Most of the homeowners have a common habit of neglecting the small problems of a garage door and then such problems cause big damages to you suddenly. They do not take the door seriously until and unless door will not be opened by pressing the button on a garage door remote and for your kind of information it is too late. As your door is becoming old, you will go through the below hazards that can make your life worse sometimes.

You compromise your home security.

With regular wear & tear, a garage door becomes highly receptive to the security problems. When a garage door rollers, panels and fitting get looser and looser; it becomes very difficult to be opened and increase your burden. A faulty door makes a task easier for the potential intruders to get access to your garage and home too because the garage is the second entry of your house. I hope now you understand the value of garage door security. Otherwise you will value it once you lose something valuable from your garage or home.

Having a Door with Broken Springs means you are at big risk.

Yes, you are at big risk; if you are doing nothing even after you know that the springs are broken. It seems like you are in front of a lion; no one knows when it will attack you. Generally, the lifecycle of the springs is approx. 10,000 cycles or 5-7 years. If this time span is over then it’s a homeowners’ responsibility of a homeowner. If they fail; then they should have to be ready for dangerous hazards. As a garage door expert; I always say that springs may damage your car or another individual; this happens because the door is counterbalanced by springs only & the weight of a garage door (around 500 pounds) will be released suddenly and the door drops unexpectedly.

Old-dated technology is not what you door needs it.

The technology changes each and every day to make human life comfortable. It is same for garage doors too. The dated technology of a garage door opener can cause security problems that couldn’t be good for any one. It creates major problems with your door system and harmful to you because there is no any kind of security equipment loaded in an old opener.

Are you facing any of the above issues in your garage door? Contact us today to get it repaired on time before it can make your situation much worse than you.

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