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Detailed Breakdown of the Cost of Installing the Garage Door Opener

Detailed Breakdown of the Cost of Installing the Garage Door Opener

With the use of garage door opener; it’s easier to open and close the door by pressing the button only. This motorized device can be controlled using the wall mounted keypads, remotes or even Smartphone. Needless to say, the garage door is weighing around 300 to 400 pound and is hard for a homeowner to open with their own hands, while door opener provides excellent convenience to you like you can open a door without stepping out from your car.

Everything has its own cost and so, Garage door opener has too. The price range of garage door openers is in between $250 to $650. The range depends on the brands, types, motors and added features. Let’s have a look at the breakdown of the garage door opener cost:

The Horsepower of Motor:

The speed of a garage door opener plays a crucial role to operate the door. The 1/3 horsepower (lower speed) motor will cost approx $120-$200 while the ¾ horsepower (faster speed) motor will cost around $200-$350. Generally, faster speed horsepower motor is used in commercial buildings and warehouses.

Type of an Garage Door Opener:

There are mainly 4 types of garage door openers currently in the market. Each type of an opener has its own price, merits and demerits. The types are belt chain, screw-driven and jackshaft openers. The average prices are here:

Chain Drive Opener: $120 to $240

Screw Drive Opener: $160 to $300

Belt Drive Opener: $170 to $360

Jackshaft Drive Opener: $280 to $550

Remote Control or Keypads:

To control the lifting up and down of a garage door; remote or keypad is necessary nowadays. The remotes are keychain-sized controls; you can store in your purse and along with car key. The highly secure “Rolling” codes are used to program the remote controls so, it makes harder for burglars and intruders to decode the program and break in. Mostly, remote controls come with the package but by mistake, if they are broken or misplaced; you need to pay approx. $30 to $50.

Opener Installation Cost:

Installation of garage door opener is not an easy task; it requires professional knowledge to do this job. The installation process includes preparation of all parts (motor component trolley, rails), attaching the bracket & blocking, installing advanced features like keypad, light bulb, safety cable, sensors, etc and the last but not the least perform “Testing” to ensure that opener functions smoothly & also remote controls are working properly. In short, you need to pay approx $250 to $600 and on average, an hourly rate is around $50-$60.

Hope you can estimate the cost of the garage door opener; you want to install in your garage. Need assistance; we can help you. Contact us today via a single phone call : (970) 682-3353 or email us at [email protected]

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