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I want to Buy an Insulated Garage Door. What Questions Should I Ask?

I want to Buy an Insulated Garage Door. What Questions Should I Ask?

When you have decided to buy an insulated garage door, you need to consider some factors in your mind. So, you will have a qualitative and secure insulated garage door. You know very well that what is the importance of insulation, especially in the winter season? So, here we have listed those questions which should be asked before moving towards the insulated one.

Which type of Insulation Should I choose for my door?

Generally, there are two types of door insulation named polystyrene and polyurethane. These both work well on the garage door and prevent air to travel outside to inside and vice a versa but, these are different in some points. The polystyrene (commonly known as Styrofoam) provides a less thermal insulation factor while polyurethane provides more. Now, you just need to ask a question that which one is good for your door that can increase the R-value.

How Thick Your Door Should Be?

The insulation has a direct connection with your garage door thickness. A thicker garage door can hold more insulation. As you increase the thickness of a door; it can hold more insulation. If we apply the polyurethane insulation process to a 2 inches thick door then it will give you an R – factor of 18 which is a good for your door garage. So, call the professional to ask about the r-factor of your door and what it should be? How thick your garage door is? And how long it will work?

Is it effective for me to install a weather strip or seal?

The weather strip is mandatory for the non-insulated garage door but some homeowners do not try it for the insulated one as their thinking is that an insulated door is enough to prevent air from any side of a garage door. Weather is really effective and should be installed. Now your turn to ask questions. Is it good to install it on an outer frame of a door? How thick a weather seal, I use to overlap the door. How long it is flexible in cold weather.

So, these are the main questions should be asked by you before buying an insulated garage door. The one more factor you should consider is its pricing. It depends on the thickness of a door, a type of insulation material and some others. So, do you want to insulate your garage door or replace an old garage door with an insulated one? Contact us (970) 682-3353 today and our team will install the new garage door as soon as possible.

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