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How Can I Replace the Garage Door Hinges? Simple Steps to Follow

How Can I Replace the Garage Door Hinges? Simple Steps to Follow

Broken Garage Door Hinges Repairs or Replacements

As the garage door has grown old, the parts of it have been getting worn out gradually. The hinges are one of them. When you hear a squeaking sound while opening and closing the door; you should check for the hinges. Most of the time, hinges are responsible for such squeaking sound. Once, it’s decided that hinges are the real problem behind the door noise; your next move is to either replace it or repair it.

Today, we are going to discuss how to replace the garage door hinges in a quick way. This process is fairly simple but you should have a basic understanding of how garage door hinges work & how to remove & re-install them in a proper way. Let’s start the process step by step:

Step 1: Raise & Stabilize the Garage Door

First, keep the garage door opened while working. This is the best practice because there is no spring tension and so very less chance of getting injured. If you love to work on your door in a closed position; open it first, disconnect the springs & then close it. Once you finished the replacement job; raise the door and reconnect the springs.

Install the C-clamps below the rollers onto the tracks; to keep the garage in the upright position. You can also use a wooden board or a wedge instead of C-clamps but clamps are safer and easier to use.

Step 2: Keep Panels from Sagging

During the replacement process, panels may sag. To avoid this situate, you can use a ladder, board or your family member can brace panels. So, you can unbolt the hinges easily. You are open to choose any of the methods that work best for you.

Step 3: Unbolt the Hinges

Now, you are all set to remove the hinges. Do I need to explain how to loosen the nuts and release the bolt? Now tip the hinge outside to disengage the roller from the track. You should reverse the when installing a roller.

Step 4: Install the New Hinges

It’s better to replace the roller at the time of replacing damaged hinges unless roller is the brand new. Slide the roller and set to the hole to fix the new hinges. Now, tap bolts through the hinge holes from outside and then tighten the nuts.

Yeah, your hinges are replaced! Next, disconnect the c-clamps to roll the door safely up and down.

Please Note: Do not throw the old hinges; take it with you to get the same hinges from the market. This will help you find the right-sized hinges.

What do you say? It’s quite a simple process, isn’t it? However, each project has its own problems. So, if you are not sure of the process and need help; contact the garage door repair experts today and get the answers to all your questions. They will also come to your place and replace the hinges too.

If you need new, repair or replace your garage door hinges , Please call (970) 682-3353 for immediate response and estimate or click on the link for a Free Estimate.

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