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Types of Garage Door Roller & How to Replace it Easily?

Types of Garage Door Roller & How to Replace it Easily?

Choosing the garage door roller is not a piece of cake for the homeowners. There are mainly 3 types of garage door roller and each has its functionalities. What do you want Durability or noise reduction? Taking such a decision is tough for the homeowners. Based on your requirements, you can move ahead to buy a garage door roller. Here we have listed types of garage door rollers so, you can get information about each.

Steel Garage Door Rollers: They are durable but require lubrication on a regular interval of time. If the roller is well maintained, it will last forever. There is no drawback except it is loud. The loud sound you hear when a roller runs on a steel track. With proper lubrication, you can reduce the noise level.

Nylon Rollers: No one include this roller at the time of installing a new garage door. But when you upgrade your garage door, your installer will surely give an advice to install a nylon roller. If there is an option given by the installer, take it. This type of roller is much quieter than steel ones & more durable than the plastic rollers.

Plastic Rollers: This option is used when it’s a matter of saving a few bucks on installing a new garage door. Most of the commercial garage doors have plastic rollers and the reason behind this is: contractors want to save some bucks. There are black in color & designed to last for a couple of years. Moreover, they don’t need lubrication.

Step by Step Guide: Replace the Garage Door Roller

  • Open the garage door fully
  • Put a clamp on the track to avoid the sudden fall of garage door
  • Now, release the red cord which is located below the garage door opener mostly
  • For safety concern, unplug the door opener
  • Use pliers (hardware equipment) to bend a track outside a little bit
  • Set the first roller in a line with an opening (where you bend the track outside)
  • Wedge the flathead screwdriver between track and roller to pull the roller out of a garage door track
  • Remove the old roller and insert a new roller into the track
  • Now, roll the door down till it reaches the bend you make. Follow the above step by step guide to remove and replace the garage door rollers.

Now, after replacing all the bottom rollers, you will notice that the top roller isn’t replaced yet. Because it will not line up the bend in the track.

  • Bend the track section again to make it aligned properly & then open the door fully
  • Now bend the track in the middle of the overhead section
  • Remember, have a helper spot with you otherwise it may slip down from the track & hit on your head and you may cause harm to you. Better to call garage door repair experts for the same.
  • Line up the top roller to the bend and remove the old roller.
  • Replace it with a new one using pliers as you did for the bottom roller. Then align the track into shape.
  • Now remove the clamp, plug the garage door opener and re-attach it.

That’s it. Bingo, you have replaced the garage door rollers. Still, need help to get any help; contact our garage door installation experts today at (970) 682-3353.

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