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Types of Sectional Doors: Which One Is Right for You?

Types of Sectional Doors: Which One Is Right for You?

Sectional doors have gained widespread popularity among both homeowners and businesses, thanks to their remarkable space-efficient design and robust security features. These doors are renowned for their exceptional durability and user-friendly operation. In this article, we will explore the different types of sectional doors available in the market and help you determine which one is the right fit for your needs.

Understanding Sectional Doors

Sectional door are constructed from multiple horizontal panels that are hinged together. These panels move vertically in the door opening and then horizontally along the ceiling. This mechanism allows them to open without extending outwards, making them an excellent choice for properties with limited driveway space.

Advantages of Sectional Doors

Before delving into the types of sectional door, let’s first understand why they are a popular choice:

  • Space Efficiency: Sectional door do not swing out, maximizing the space both inside and outside your garage or commercial facility.
  • Security: These doors are known for their robust construction, making them a secure option for protecting your property.
  • Insulation: Many sectional door come with insulation options, helping to regulate the temperature inside your garage.
  • Durability: They are built to withstand the test of time and various weather conditions.
  • Customization: Sectional door can be customized to match your property’s aesthetics.

Types of Sectional Doors

Residential Sectional Doors

Residential sectional doors are designed for use in homes. They are available in two main categories:

Insulated Sectional Doors

Insulated sectional doors are an excellent choice if you use your garage as a living space or workshop. The insulation helps regulate the temperature, making it more comfortable in extreme weather conditions.

Non-insulated Sectional Doors

Non-insulated sectional doors are more budget-friendly and are ideal if you primarily use your garage for parking and storage. They provide security and ease of operation without the added cost of insulation.

Commercial Sectional Doors

Commercial sectional doors are engineered to endure rigorous use while delivering enhanced security. They come in several variations:

Aluminum Sectional Doors

Aluminum sectional doors are lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant. They are an excellent choice for commercial facilities that require frequent use.

Steel Sectional Doors

Steel sectional doors have earned a reputation for their exceptional robustness and long-lasting endurance. They provide exceptional security and are often used in industrial settings.

Glass Sectional Doors

Glass sectional doors are an elegant option for businesses that want to showcase their products while maintaining security. They are popular in showrooms and restaurants.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sectional Door

To determine which sectional door is right for you, consider the following factors:

  • Material: Choose between aluminum, steel, or glass based on your specific needs.
  • Insulation: Decide whether you require insulation for temperature control.
  • Design and Style: Select a design that complements the aesthetics of your property.
  • Security Features: Consider additional security features, such as advanced locking systems.
  • Budget: Determine the budget you are willing to allocate for your sectional door.

Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation and regular maintenance are crucial to ensure the longevity of your sectional door. It’s advisable to hire a professional for installation and schedule routine maintenance to address any issues promptly.


Selecting the right sectional door is a decision that depends on your property’s purpose, design, and budget. Whether you need a residential or commercial door, the various types of sectional door provide you with options to fit your specific needs.

When it comes to the multitude of choices available for commercial garage doors, it’s completely understandable that business owners often seek guidance to make the best selection. For comprehensive information on your options for commercial garage doors, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experienced professionals at Mike Garage Door Repair in Fort Collins. Reach out to us today at (970) 682-3353.

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