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What is a Sectional Garage Door? | Benefits & Cost

What is a Sectional Garage Door? | Benefits & Cost

If you’re in the market for a new garage door, sectional doors offer an ideal combination of space-saving operation, insulation benefits, and style versatility. As their name implies, sectional garage doors consist of a series of hinged horizontal panels that travel along ceiling tracks when opening and closing. This allows the entire door to retract into the garage, maximizing driveway space and preventing accidents from outward swinging doors. With numerous design and insulation options available, sectional doors are one of the most popular garage door styles today.

Understanding Sectional Garage Doors

A sectional garage door is made up of a series of horizontal panels or sections that are hinged together. As the door opens, it travels along overhead tracks mounted to the garage ceiling, causing the panels to lift and run parallel to the ceiling when fully open. This design allows the door to retract completely into the garage, maximizing driveway space.

How Do Sectional Garage Doors Work?

Sectional doors operate using a relatively simple mechanism powered by an electric garage door opener. When activated, the opener pulls the door along its tracks, folding the hinged panels as it moves until they stack horizontally along the ceiling. Closing works the opposite way, with the opener lowering and unfolding the panels into the vertical, closed position.

Sectional vs. Single-Panel Garage Doors – What’s the Difference?

Unlike one-piece or “single panel” garage doors that swing out and upwards to open, sectional doors are much more space efficient by retracting fully inside the garage. Single panel doors require more headroom for the door’s arc motion and space outside the garage for the door to protrude while open. Sectionals avoid those space needs.

The Benefits of a Sectional Garage Door

Space Savings: The main advantage is the ability to park vehicles closer to the garage due to the compact retractable operation.

Safety: With no outward swing, sectional doors prevent injuries from occupying space in the driveway when opening.

Insulation Options: The multi-panel design allows for insulation between the sections for better thermal efficiency.

Customization: A wide variety of sectional door materials, insulation levels, finishes, windows, and hardware are available.

What is the cost of a sectional garage door?

The cost of a new sectional garage door can range from around $600 for a basic builder’s grade model to $5,000 or more for a high-end customized installation. Factors like the door material, insulation, windows, automatic opener, and professional installation all impact the total cost. Most homeowners spend $1,000-$2,500 on a sectional door replacement.

Call The Sectional Garage Door Experts Today

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