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Winter is Approaching. It’s Time to Weather Sealing Your Garage Door

Winter is Approaching. It’s Time to Weather Sealing Your Garage Door

Winter is approaching & the temperature is going down & the weather is going to get harsh. The weather in the USA can be fickle & snowstorms can hit your door at any moment. So, it is necessary to stay proactive and getting a home ready for every harsh situation that winter brings. When it’s a matter of protecting the garage door; the insulation is must to keep the warmth inside for a longer time. But only insulation is not enough. Along with this, the Weather Sealing is another important task; you should do it.

Here are few ways to do weather-seal your garage door for the winter season to keep the chilling wind outside.

Use the Bottom Seal

A little passage in between the ground and lower edge of a garage door is a main entry for the chilling wind to enter the garage and so in the home. Once the air starts entering a garage; your home heating systems work continuously to maintain the temperature. In short, the little passage can increase your utility bills.

Make sure that the garage door is sealed with vinyl & effective rubber at the bottom of a door. You can buy the bottom seal from nearby hardware stores & you can DIY watching videos online. This way you can resolve Garage Door Problems of leakage.

Opt for Threshold Seal to the Ground:

After sealing the lower edge of a garage door, it’s time to put an alternative seal on the lower ground. This will help you keep the cold outside because of maximum insulation. In general terms, it’s called a threshold seal. Make sure that it is installed in a proper way otherwise there is no importance of it. It shouldn’t be moved when you drive a vehicle or walk over it.

Install Weatherstrip:

Finally, it’s time to cover up all leaks around the garage door. Yes, it’s necessary to insulate the whole door to prevent outside elements. Due to air leaks, regular wear & tear, the temperature inside the garage door may go down and so is your home too. You can easily buy weather-strip from the nearby hardware store. After all, you have a pretty well garage.

You should follow Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips to make your garage door strong enough to withstand against harsh winter weather. For any type of garage door repair needs; don’t hesitate to call us today or simply fill-up the form here to schedule an appointment with us.

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